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07-24-2004, 02:52 PM
I apologize to RP members if I hurt anyones feelings in the thread " Campaign to buy the screeners new monitors " It appears I upset Chris and was not attacking him personally and was unable to respond to that tread as it was locked and when I made a new thread with the apology in it it was deleted from the forums.


07-24-2004, 10:52 PM
I read your last post and the response by Chris Starnes. I don’t feel you need to apologize to me as a member of this site. I may only have agreed with part of your post, but I don’t see having an opinion that differs from the screeners as an attack.

I am a relatively new member here, so maybe I should just be quiet and enjoy the ride, but there are issues that seem to keep cropping up. I don’t know if there is anyway to reach a middle ground, however, surely we can come to an understanding and stop short of taking Chris Starnes advice of starting one’s own site.

As someone who submits photos to the database, I understand that Railpictures.net is a privately owned/run web site. And, as a web site owner myself (a much smaller endeavor, www.sa-com.org) I can guess that keeping this site up and growing is nearly a full time job. Since RP.net is privately run, the owners are free to pick and choose what they want in their photo database. I can cry and whine, but I can’t MAKE them accept a photo they don’t want, no matter how great "I" think it is. Accepting that fact early has kept me form being anything more than mildly annoyed when I have a photo rejected. Maybe if this were posted somewhere on the submission form, folks would be less likely blow a gasket when they get a rejection. Even without that knowledge though, I think too many folks just get WAY too upset with the screeners over having a photo rejected.
In all actuality, I think the RP.net guys have done a good job of putting together a very inclusive railroad photo database. The site has become a resource for modelers and railfans alike. Even the forums are growing and cover a broad range of topics.

That doesn’t mean I think every photo at RP.net is great. When you start to approach 60,000 photos there are going to be a lot of mediocre photos (like most of mine) of what some feel are boring subjects. But spend a little time looking through this site and there are some really fine images of interesting trains.

On the other hand, more than one screener has pointed out that they favor photos taken on sunny days with a beautiful blue sky. Anything else seems to be scrutinized for defects and gets the blanket “TOO DARK” rejection notice. Appeal a “TOO DARK” rejected photo and there will probably be something else wrong with it. (In the screeners defense I have had one rejection overturned, and that rejection was for a photo shot on a cloudy day.)
My personal opinion is that screeners should broaden their horizons just a bit. Not every train runs with the sun shinning on its gleaming flanks. They also run at night, at dawn, dusk, in the rain, on cloudy days, in tunnels and even in the shade. I actually love a good long exposure night shot of a loco at a terminal or a dusk or cloudy day shot that accentuates the lights, numberboard and signals. But, that’s just me.
This is not to say that a grossly underexposed photo should be accepted, or any photo, which really has some technical problem or which, is just poorly taken. I have had a few rejected for things I should have caught, which makes me feel just a little dense some days. However, if the photo database is going to be representative of real railroading, screeners should keep in mind, trains don't always run in the sun.

Now before someone from RP.net reminds me of what I said in the third paragraph above, I want to remind them that I submitted my photos, along with everyone else with a photo in the database, by written invitation.

“ADD YOUR PHOTOS Show off your photos by including them in our popular online database”

The fact that so many folks have taken RP.net up on that offer is the very reason this site is growing and as popular as it is.
Since that invitation doesn’t have any kind of disclaimer regarding “sunny shots only” or “no common power” (by the way screeners, if you think you are tired of CSX wide cab GEs, try living in WV) maybe you could look at the cloudy day or subway shots and judge them on focus, framing and content.
And if we complain about rejections that seem to be based on artistic and not technical issues, don't be so touchy, lighten up, we're all just a bunch of train nuts trying to have fun.

My 2 cents worth, boy, I sure hope I’m not in the dog house now:-)
Jim Butler

Chris Starnes
07-25-2004, 02:43 AM
No one has offended me, your going to have to do alot worse than that to offend me :wink: One thing I have learned in the past year and a half on this site is that you can't take the work personally, be it good or bad comments.

I felt that the point of the thread had already been made by everyone involved. I don't like to bicker with anyone and sometimes its just best to end it before it goes any further.