View Full Version : Bad cropping can someone help me?

Bob Pickering
07-27-2004, 12:30 AM
Well I got rejected a number of times for bad cropping. Please is is nothing against the screeners as I am trying to improve my skills. So if you can look at this photo and tell me what exactly should I have or have not cropped?


MANY Thanks


07-27-2004, 12:35 AM
Bob, I would crop an inch off the right side of the photo
and an inch and a half from the bottom.


Bob Pickering
07-27-2004, 02:38 AM
OK cool!

So is the object to try to keep the train centered? or does it depend on each photo?

Thanks :-)


Chris Kilroy
07-27-2004, 03:00 PM
So is the object to try to keep the train centered? or does it depend on each photo?


The object is to reduce, as much as possible, the dead space around the front and bottom of the photo. Right now there seems to be a lot of wasted space, especially with the several inches in front of the locomotive.

11-15-2004, 01:32 AM
Ok guys, here's another bad cropper in need of help! I cropped this photo 4 separate times, and is still rejected for bad cropping. Help?!?!?



11-15-2004, 03:42 AM
Too much forground space. I would definately trim out a lot of the forground and I would also trim a bit from the blue sky on top. I would try to center the locomotive in the bottoms 3/4's of the phot.

E.M. Bell
11-15-2004, 05:03 AM
I would take a tad off the bottom, and leave the top alone. I like the way the lines in the empty furrows draw your eye towards to main subject, and there is just enough blue sky to give it a nice contrast to the rather drab colors of the surroundiings. Be careful to not get to small when cropping, and not to over compress the image by saving it as a jpeg several times during the editing.

11-15-2004, 10:07 PM
I concur with E.M. that the furrowed field draws the eye
to the train, but I would nonetheless crop 1/4 of the foreground,
crop on the left to the middle of the third hopper car to
give the photo proper proportions, and remove a wee bit of sky

Before I did any of this, however, I would rotate the image
about a degree to the left since it is not level.


11-15-2004, 11:45 PM
Thanks everyone for your input! The screener's seem to like the cropping now, but getting rejected for unlevel horizon. This is a big problem, since the photo was taken on a tripod with a bubble level. It is realistic just as I saw it standing there. Unfortunately, if they want the train to be perfectly level, even though from this perspective, it's not, I don't have a photo editing program which I can rotate photo's. This leads me to ask; If setting up for a shot with a level camera, and the tracks appear to incline or decline, should I adjust the camera level?


11-16-2004, 02:50 AM
If the tracks are ascending/descending a grade, you shouldn't have to worry about rotating the camera. If it's rejected for "horizon unlevel", and the train is legitimately on a grade (or elevated curve for head on shots) then you could probably appeal that and make mention of the fact that it's on a grade. That is a very nice photo, and it looks to me that all the trees are straight and the train is just descending a grade.

11-16-2004, 03:06 AM
Thanks for the tip. I did appeal it for the fact that the tracks are actualy decending, and that I tilted off-level just a tiny bit to straighten the tracks out some, since the camera view looked much steeper. The photo has been accepted!