View Full Version : Two Hours at Elihu, KY

08-04-2004, 09:40 PM
Tuesday, I met up with a friend at Somerset and we decided to sit at Elihu, about the midpoint of a five mile long section of single track. We weren't disappoointed as NS was exceptionally busy, running seven trains in that two hour span.

132 was the first train seen, with a former Southern high hood SD40 leading and an SD50 trailing. Joyful noise filled the air as the head end passed.


168 was close on its heels being led by a pair of SD60's and 123 was making a setout and picking up cars in the Somerset Yard. After they were ready to leave, North End DS said they'd have to wait on 133, which was bringing up the rear of a short southbound parade (223, 58A, 133), to pass.

The short parade starts with 223 crossing Pitman Creek.


Fifteen minutes later, 58A arrives behind a catfish and two BNSF Dash 9's. Meanwhile, 124 has made its way down the mountain and is blocking some crossings, so North End DS tells 123 that they'll have to wait on one more after 133 which arrived at Elihu a few minutes later behind a UP B40-8.


124 arrives about 30 minutes later behind a catfish, and the looked to be somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000' long. 123 finally gets moving after sitting for "a while" and it's seen here just south of the bridge, starting up a short grade.


A few more southbounds were on the way, but after 123 passed, we decided to pretty much call it a day due to the heat and the fact that it would be a while before the next round of trains arrived.

Ken Carr
08-04-2004, 11:14 PM
Not bad for a few hours and nice photos...Ken