View Full Version : Labor Day? Nah, fun day in the sun

randy moore
09-12-2004, 04:26 PM
Since my employer saw fit to give me the day off and mother nature
actually served up some sun with few clouds, just a little haze, I decided
to go see it NS would provide any trains for my viewing pleasure, and they
did. Traffic was light, but there were enough trains to make the day
interesting. In eight hours I saw 12 trains, and got a camera on 8 of
them, several in multiple locations. The best of the pics follow. . .

I hope you enjoy them, should you take a look.

A bright start to the day in Harrodsburg

A SD60 with an Illinois & Midland motor 2nd in line

A long shot of 23G sitting at East Talmage

A nice looking high hood SD40-2

143 crossing over at North WYE

My favorite pic of this day, 23G at Convoy

Randy Moore
Lawrenceburg, KY
NS Central Division, Louisville Sub MP 330.5