View Full Version : 35mm film use at Cajon Pass and Tehachapi Loop

09-18-2004, 03:06 AM
Hi Everyone:

While Im new to the forum, Ive been a railfan photographer for years and have a few pics in several Morning Sun books. I live in the Chicago suburban area.

Ill be out in the L.A. area for a few days the last week of this month (work related class - never been to Calf. before) and I plan on going out to Cajon Pass and Tehachapi Loop and the Summit on Sunday the 26th.
Im still using a 35mm camera and still take slides. Yes, Im thinking of going digital but Im not there yet. Id like to know what the California fans are using for slide film in the locations Im going to shoot in? Kodak or Fuji and why?

Thanks; Gib

09-23-2004, 04:35 PM
I don't technically qualify as a California fan, since I'm not resident there, but have been to Tehachapi on many occasions, and have shot Kodachrome (previously) and Provia 100F (since 2000) there. Either should be fine, although I have switched completely to Provia, and the modest extra speed certainly doesn't hurt, especially with long lenses. If that becomes a concern, try Provia 400F. Hope this helps.

09-23-2004, 11:56 PM
Thanks for your input as it bares out the info Ive gotten back from some Milwaukee area friends that a good number of them have switched (or planning to) from Kodak K25 & K64 to either Fuji Provia or Sencia asa100 slide film (dark areas show up better).

As an aside, just this past week on CNBCs early morning business cable program, the hosts had the president of Eastman Kodak on as a guest. He mostly spoke of where Kodak is headed, namely in the digital direction and digital revenues are way up (plugged his digital cams) and said that the other lines (film and supplies?) were on the decline. RED FLAG!!! Is it "Digital Time" for all of us?

Regards; Gib