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ccaranna 10-12-2005 06:22 PM

Impromptu Trip
Caleb's great trip reports always spur me to write my own. Below is my one hour jaunt across town chasing one train...

I am in the process of looking for a home to buy, so trainspotting has taken somewhat of backseat as of late, even though it's still been telling me where to go against my better judgement. So, yesterday I started out around lunchtime with my home list in hand, checking out the neighborhoods that are conveniently located near one of the busiest mainlines in town, the NS Sandusky District. Coincidentally, it happens to be one of the places I usually start any railfanning.

My first stop on the tour of homes was Speedway, to pick up some water and a newspaper, sort of a ritual with me regardless of my purpose on the day. The meaning of "convenience store" is appropriate for me, in that it's only 50 yards away from the grade crossing. :D

As I crossed the tracks today, I intentionally did not look at the eastbound signals that are right next to the crossing like I always do. No need to tease myself and see what I was going to miss, so I went about my business, picked up what I needed and then walked back to my car, only to hear the clanging of the crossing bells coming from around the corner. Naturally, I had to find out what was up, so I paused a moment only to hear the train make it's presence known. Soon after, one unit with about 12 cars came into view. This short consist led me to believe that it was probably a local, but I needed to know for sure, so I got into my car, pulled out the scanner and listened for the signal indication at the next control point down the line. About this same time, what was seeming like an interminably cloudy day, showed some breaks of sun. Looks like my house hunting would be delayed. What priorites!! :o

I listened to the scanner for about a minute, when "L27 clear CP135" was announced. This told me that the train veered onto the Weber connection track and was going to Buckeye. I started up the car and headed to a potential photo location that I've been scoping out for some time off 2nd Ave., but by the time I got there, the train was already passing overhead on the bridge that crosses the street. Too late!! :(

Next, I thought I could beat it to Scioto Tower, but I didn't want to chance the traffic downtown. If I misjudged it I probably wouldn't catch it again before it got to the yard. My window of opportunity was closing, so I decided on heading to the "sure thing" which is the eastbound opening of Buckeye yard at CP East Alton, a location where I have yet to shoot anything. Thanks to another RP.Net contributor from a town about 50 miles away, its whereabouts and accessibility became known to me a while back.

As I zipped onto the local highway system, the sun came out in full force. I finally reached my destination on the other side of town in about 15 minutes, and found my spot only to have just missed another train heading in. I don't remember the ID#, but it didn't make a difference, it was led by a catfish with a pumpkin right behind. As this train lumbered into the yard, I received a bonus and spotted the often elusive Camp Chase Industrial RR standing by for its turn to enter the yard. After the catfish/pumpkin train cleared, they got their signal to proceed-


Next up was my L27 that I chased across town. They soon followed with its glorious long hood running forward in all of that crazy, backward but correct and safety minded way. 12 miscellaneous cars followed behind.


My day was complete. Next time the clouds roll in, I'll think about this day, and how fortunate I was to catch a break! As far as my house search, I was still able to get it in. :)

(P.S.-- My apologies on the duplication of the photos, I had included them in another post yesterday out of context.)


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