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Slopes09 12-02-2005 04:47 AM

MS-1 Wireless Flash Booster / Slave
I just saw this online and think it would be cool to try. However, I was wondering if there's anyway to know if your camera is compatible with it and what range it is compatible. Thanks!

muskblock 12-02-2005 07:09 AM

It says right on the page that the flash does not need to connect to your camera in any way to operate. It is set off when your camera flash goes off. You can also trigger it yourself.

Slopes09 12-03-2005 03:50 AM

Yes, but I read somewhere that generally you need a pre-flash, and/or it works better with one. I probably should have asked if theres a way to know if your camera has that. The pre-flash fires just before the flash, on a digital it is to set the white balance generally, and I know some film cameras, like the Maxxum 7 have it, specifically to set off slave flashes.

muskblock 12-03-2005 05:04 AM

If your camera has pre-flash, you'll know it. Take a picture in the dark and you see only a flash, then you'll know you don't have a pre-flash. Pre-flash is used to help the auto focus. I know my Digital Rebel doesn't have it. It probably wouldn't make that big a of a difference.

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