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cmherndon 01-16-2004 04:53 AM

C&NW Locos Make a 3rd appearance on the LS
Well, I THOUGHT that I was going to stay in today, but....

After receiving word (and the message "I'll pick you up in 20 minutes") from E. M. Bell that the same C&NW Dash 8 that passed through on Saturday's I-84 (returned south on 283) would be leading this afternoon's 224 out of Danville, I couldn't pass it up. Those C&NW units are quite rare.

We start out with the 224 coming by Nevin with a track warrant to MP 332.0W to allow the T19 to get in the clear. 224 gets another warrant to Joyes, so we head to Waddy for the first shots. We get caught behind a school bus (probably the train chaser's worst nightmare) on Kings Hwy. which parallels practically the entire length of Waddy siding. Emmett spots the train and quickly pulls off the road around the MP 319 so we can get our shots of it here.


We then get on I-64 to head over to Shelbyville but pull off by a weigh station to get our next shots at Hooper Station (we're not the slightest bit crazy are we?). We're not there for very long as the train appears about two minutes after we stop.


Finally, it's on to Shelbyville where we set up near the bridge with something we hadn't had for the other two shots, time to compose. We wait in the cold for a few minutes and then the train finally appears around the curve near the depot. This is the final shot of 224 for the day.


E.M. Bell 01-16-2004 05:07 AM

us..crazy....never :) Although the site of me standing on top of my truck on the side of a busy interstate in 20 degree temps, camera aimed at "nothing" but a pond in the distance may have been a tad bit odd to the folks passing by....guess I could have used that 3 headed shelby county gopher excuse again if anyone had stopped to see what we where up to :)

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