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mowingman 06-22-2017 12:03 AM

Nebraska Northwestern -Chadron Ne.
While on vacation, we passed through Chadron Nebraska on 6/6/17. We were pulling a travel trailer, so I could not do a lot of looking around, but did manage to make a pass by the old C&NW roundhouse and yard in Chadron.
There were 2 old SD 7/9?? units sitting outside. No.713 was in faded SP gray paint and no. 614 was in faded C&NW paint. Both looked to be in storage. There was a long siding full of old track equipment. A lot more than a railroad this size would need. I am assuming they might be rebuilding this equipment for sale to other shortlines as needed. A couple of miles west of town, there is a large, very new looking grain elevator. Sitting on the main there, was a solid red, chop nose GP, possible #1506. It was shut down. There were quite a few grain hoppers stored in the Chadron yard.

mowingman 06-30-2017 12:06 AM

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Here is a poor photo of the two old SD units sitting in the Chadron yard.
Darn, sideways again.

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