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Jonathan Guy 03-31-2004 07:27 AM

TVA Kingston Fossil Fuel plant and an ALCo
CSX unit coal passes the TVA Kingston Plant sign. CSX has trackage rights
across the NS's former Tennessee Central line to access the plant.

TVAX 13 - GE 80Tonner in a fresh blue & white scheme

TVA 027 - GP10 in a similar scheme hides in the enginehouse

***NOTE*** if you're planning on taking photos around Kingston, CALL FIRST
and make arrangements, even photos from public property draw attention. The
workers are very vigilant about security since 9-11. The TVA photos were
taken with permission and an escort. Be nice to them, they'll be nice to

Relco 711 - S1 - Working at Horsehead Development in Rockwood, TN

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