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asis80 02-03-2014 12:26 AM

No dice on contrast

I've seen worse, I suppose. I'm on the fence on which way to go. Haha, see what I did there. Fence? Element in the photo? Yea..never mind :-D


Hatchetman 02-03-2014 12:30 AM

I think more. locos should be black, no?

Mgoldman 02-03-2014 01:23 AM

I like it, Ben. It is VERY similar in style and processing as Chase's recent PC, yet rejected.

I love Chase's shot, an all time top 10 B&W, almost. When I saw his shot, I put it through it's paces in PS and adjusted what I saw as an image somewhat murky - especially the blacks - as if viewing through wax paper. I'd share it but I did not take the time to properly process the sky to keep it from getting clipped - an easy fix, actually.

Yours seems much more on the mark as is. Histogram looks good but a little more contrast would help. Try adjusting the offset to say -0.0060. As Hatch states, needs a bit more definition which could be fixed by having the blacks a bit blacker. Like I said, pretty close to being on the mark as is and definitely a PC contender.


JimThias 02-03-2014 02:44 AM

What's going on with the upper portion of that photo? Did you use an ND grad filter?

coaststarlight14 02-03-2014 02:49 AM


tbelton 02-03-2014 03:24 AM

I can't offer you any advice yet on B&W but I hope you get it on. That's a really nice shot.


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