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StL-rail 01-24-2015 06:02 PM

Minneapolis/St. Paul anyone?
Hey everyone!

Who here lives in the twin cities? I will very soon be a St. Louis transplant to the twin cities. I just hired out with Canadian Pacific out of St. Paul, and I come up for (re)training on Feb 2nd (I worked for UP years ago).

I will be looking for apartments in about month or so, and I could really use some advice on some of the best areas to live. So what are some of the better areas, and where should I NOT to move to? I'm interested in moving to a nice, quiet, low crime area, within a commute of 30-45 minutes of St. Paul (for obvious reasons). I've looked at some apartments in Stillwater, MN so far, but haven't the foggiest on what the good and bad neighborhoods are. Any help would be appreciated!

Also, I could use some friends lol. :grin: Seriously though, I'm leaving essentially everything behind in St. Louis for this opportunity with CP. So, I could really use someone(s) to show me around, and also I'm sure some foaming will be in order as well! I figured this would be a good place to post to get information from like minded folks.

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Noct Foamer 01-30-2015 03:31 AM

Other than not moving to North St. Paul, you should be OK. Generally, the further west or east you go, the better the neighborhoods. Few are really "bad" though. If you aren't yet aware, The Cities has some of the WORST traffic in the U.S. People are pretty friendly. And, in case you are wondering, the cold isn't nearly as bad as the wind. That can be brutal in winter.

Kent in SD

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