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John Russell - NZ 12-11-2016 06:16 PM

Edge Focus salvage of images with focus issues
Apparently it is now possible using edge focus techniques to salvage digital images with minor focus issues. I don't know how and would like to know if anybody in this forum knows. It is a time-consuming process that a calendar editor here in NZ says my RPN rejected photo in following link is a worthy candidate for (especially as it was probably a never to be repeated photo opportunity.)


This was a rushed shot in manual mode having just arrived in time and the train exiting the tunnel well ahead of schedule at much greater speed than anticipated (near 40 MPH.) It should have been taken at 1/800 instead of 1/400. But it's an AF glitch caused by me being too fast on the shutter and heavy 18-200 non USM lens making that a disaster. The lens got banished for that! With the demise of Mainline Steam depot and 1275 not currently operational, this photo opportunity may never present itself again and if it ever did there would be about 5-10% chance of the same weather co-operation!

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