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transwarp 09-18-2005 02:26 AM

too dark after prossing

first post here

i dont want to sound like a n00b or any thing like that but...

when ever i take a picture in raw with my cannon g5 or any camera in raw for that matter it always seems to come out darker then what it did when it first came up as when i first open the file is there a. something that im doing wrong b. somthing im skiping on doing or c. is that noramal.
im using photoshop cs2 ( i know it not one of the best but thats what im most comfortable using) and if there is any thing i can do to fix it after words or even before the final cilck of load.

thanks for all the help before hand


Cyclonetrain 09-18-2005 02:54 AM

I'm not all that experienced with RAW (my current camera doesn't allow for it :( ) but in the software that came with your G5 or in CS2, can you modify the white balance and exposure levels? Increasing/modifying those might help. Also, when you take the picture, see if you can have it set to overexpose the image by +1/3 EV or whatever it might be.

mtrails 09-21-2005 02:20 AM

In general, I usually have my camera set at +0.3 EV, sometimes +0.5.(basically, it's the time in seconds longer, that it keeps the shutter open). I also find that my photos need to be lightened up a little anyway during post-processing, even with the additional lighting when taking the photo. Although, I don't shoot in RAW, so I don't know how applicable this information is.

hoydie17 09-21-2005 02:48 AM

Keep in mind that when you see your image come up on the LCD on your camera, you're seeing the "camera's version" of the processed photo. In other words, any settings to the ISO level, White balance, sharpening you may have already set in the camera are applied that picture.

When you take the RAW image and open it in PhotoShop CS, you're seeing exactly that; the "RAW Image". RAW images do not keep any of the camera settings in their format, that information can be found in the photo's metadata, but not actually applied to the photo.

Think of a RAW photo as a completely unprocessed image, with no light intensifying effects, or noise reduction, anything. So when you open a picture in RAW format with your PC software, you are seeing the same thing the camera had seen BEFORE it displayed the picture on the LCD. When it comes up on the LCD the custom settings are applied to the photo for the display.

Hope that helps some.


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