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Dennis A. Livesey 07-30-2015 12:29 AM

So nice RP liked it twice.
The current POTW is a great shot, no doubt.


But it looked familiar:


Same photographer, different dates, same photograph.

Or am I seeing things? :-)

Chris Z 07-30-2015 02:46 AM

The exif data on both pictures says it was taken on 6/19/2014, 8:27:11 PM.


Mgoldman 07-30-2015 07:17 AM

They are not the same - the one with the POTW is obviously the MUCH better shot! Just check out the extra views, favorites and comments!

The first picture doesn't hold a candle to this new improved identical shot.

They use to say, taking the photo is only half the effort. You finish up in the dark room. Now... taking the photo and processing the image are only half the project. The other half is promotion!

Or in Tamas Rizsavi's case - a little bit of luck having RP link and promote the shot for him. Fortunately, it was worthy of such treatment. (Unlike the first on, lol).


Noct Foamer 07-30-2015 11:52 PM

The photos are the same. Note there is a man on the platform wearing an orange safety jacket standing in the same spot in both images. Mitch has a point that since photography is all subjective, promotion can have a huge impact on how it's perceived.

Kent in SD

JimThias 07-31-2015 05:10 AM


Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey (Post 185538)
Or am I seeing things? :-)

I thought the same thing too, Dennis. :-)

Edit: Just left a comment regarding the previous submission. Let's see if my comment gets rejected...

Dennis A. Livesey 07-31-2015 11:49 AM

Sung --"Just one of those things."

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