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ShortlinesUSA 11-20-2016 10:04 PM

Bad news for the TTI
TTI's main reason for existence is the coal loading pier on the Ohio River in Maysville, KY. As many of us in the Southeast have experienced over the past several years, operations at this facility have been very sporadic and unpredictable. For the last year, the railroad has gone through several periods of weeks to months without a run from Paris to Maysville.

The Maysville pier is owned by CSX through a subsidiary, and has finally fallen victim to CSX's cost cutting measures. But a quote from an employee at the business in the linked article sums up why the decision was made: "We just don't have any business."

TTI does still operate a transload facility at the yard in Paris, KY. But closure of the Maysville pier will render the mainline between these two points unnecessary, and the line will likely be dormant for a long time to come, if it ever sees another train.

News article on the closure:


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