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moof 07-11-2019 09:29 PM

Suspended account
My account https://www.railpictures.net/filipfalinski/ was suspended or banned from uploading pictures. I wrote two emails to administrators, but there's no answer at all :(

What is the reason for banning? Maybe the amount of pictures which were rejected? I'm not sure how many of them I tried to upload - but no more than 8-10.

Honestly, last time my every picture receives rejection. So I decided to show few of them and ask if they are really so bad and can't be published on this site?

Few examples of pictures which were rejected:

1. http://www.stacjafilipa.pl/wp-conten...19/07/365n.jpg

2. http://www.stacjafilipa.pl/wp-conten...19/07/366d.jpg - this was rejected because of the "bad", not sunny weather. But... this is the tropical rain in Vietnam. The sense and the soul of this picture was to show the tropical conditions there.

3. http://www.stacjafilipa.pl/wp-conten...19/07/440b.jpg

4. http://www.stacjafilipa.pl/wp-conten...19/07/444b.jpg - pictures 3) and 4) show the unique train on the Sakhalin island in Russia. The only place on the world where this type of locomotive was used. It's already closed. Picture 4) was rejected because there is no sun on this side of the train...

5. http://www.stacjafilipa.pl/wp-conten...19/07/457f.jpg

6. http://www.stacjafilipa.pl/wp-conten...19/07/398d.jpg

So, honestly, I'm quite sad because I like the site for many years and I wanted to add something interesting from not so popular parts of the world. I know the level here is high, so I wouldn't be disappointed if one, two or three of my pictures were rejected. But all of them? Now my account is suspended/blocked and nobody's answering for my emails.

Could you say, guys, if these pictures are really so shitty and not worth showing here?


miningcamper1 07-11-2019 10:14 PM

FWIW, I like them, especially the first one! Where was it taken?

Some of them would benefit from highlight/shadow/contrast tweaking.

KevinM 07-12-2019 03:39 AM

Hi Filip,

Not sure how/why you got banned. It may be that the screeners felt they were not seeing improvement on issues cited in the rejection notices and just decided that you were not making progress toward meeting the site's standards. My initial reaction to the posted examples is the same as Miningcamper's. The images look too contrasty on my display. The dark tones are too dark and the shadows too deep. Similarly, some of the bright areas could stand some highlight adjustments.

How much editing were you doing? I can pretty much tell you that if you're uploading completely unedited images, it will be very difficult to get anything accepted here. If you browse the site, you'll see that most of the accepted material is relatively bright and vibrant.

I think the key thing is that when you get a rejection.....stop there and ask for help from folks here on the forums. If you keep uploading images with the same issues, it won't take long to wear out your welcome. Of course, that advice isn't very helpful if you've already been banned. Honestly, I don't know of many folks who've been banned who managed to get their accounts re-instated. If the site is not responding to your e-mails, it probably does mean they are not interested. :(

moof 07-12-2019 07:17 PM

Thanks for your answers, guys. Honestly, for me it's just very rude. Banning without any information, not answering e-mails.

"If the site is not responding to your e-mails, it probably does mean they are not interested" - is it the way you're working with people in the States? O.o

Yes, I like high contrast. I'm taking rail pictures for about 15 years and I was able to define something like "my style". Yes, I know not everyone should love it. I'm dealing with constructive criticism and not accepting some my photos. But anyway, I'm quite experienced photographer and some of these pictures were granted as "pictures of the month" on good polish and russian galleries. Here - they are not even allowed to show!

So, if anyone know what else can I do with this, please, let me know. I really think not answering emails it's quite rude in that case.

With best regards

ATSF666 07-12-2019 08:02 PM

If you swear at them enough when appealing, they will respond to you directly and eliminate your ability to appeal. Normally, they don't respond. It's a side gig for everyone involved, I suspect, so they don't devote a whole lot of time in responding to participants.

I like a lot of your photos, but agree with everyone else, they need to "pop" a bit more.

moof 07-12-2019 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by ATSF666 (Post 195591)
I like a lot of your photos, but agree with everyone else, they need to "pop" a bit more.

What do you mean by "pop"? My english is far away from perfect, but as I understood, there is already too much contrast there.

RobJor 07-12-2019 11:22 PM

My take: your samples are out of the norm of what is accepted for RP's. Seemingly this can vary by season and screener. I know I have seen images like your first one accepted but again that style is not the norm . Out of curiosity I looked at last few days, little tedious, but very few were not sunny-16 so maybe the timing was bad. There has been discussion in the past when things were a little looser about whether this is the best scenario but in the end it is the sites decision to set criterion.


The few you had accepted were cool and above average interest so it is too bad. However, even if you could get back, tweaking the same photos would have the same result??

Add - suspended, not sure what that means but seemingly not permanent, maybe someone else knows.

jac_murphy 07-12-2019 11:29 PM

As far as I'm concerned, this is the exact type of content that RP could use much, much more of.


KevinM 07-12-2019 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by moof (Post 195592)
What do you mean by "pop"? My english is far away from perfect, but as I understood, there is already too much contrast there.

Hi Filip,

The samples you provided look very dark, almost underexposed. The darks need to be brightened some and the shadows need to be opened up. Yes, you can say that's "your style" and that's fine.....but it's THEIR site, and they get to decide what they want their product (meaning all of the photographs) to look like. If they want brighter, more vibrant photos, you either have to conform, or you have the option to get your own site (SmugMug, Xenfolio, etc.) where you control the content and can post whatever you like.

I agree with the others that your images have the potential to be of interest to the RP audience, but the current presentation doesn't match the RP norm.

Hey, all of us went through a similar phase when we first joined. We all got the rejections. The folks who are still here are the ones who didn't cuss out the Admins, but rather, decided we wanted our work displayed here and we were going to do whatever it took to get it accepted here.

RP is definitely not for everybody. I know some very fine rail photographers who have just decided that the RP rules are not for them. To each his own. :)

Grewup on the CW 07-12-2019 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by jac_murphy (Post 195594)
As far as I'm concerned, this is the exact type of content that RP could use much, much more of.


I agree he has the diversity and RP could use more of that diversity BUT the biggest problems with most of the samples he has given us to view, all are way to dark for RP's screeners. They LIKE the sunshine, if you get a dark and or cloudy pic accepted it simply had that certain appeal to whomever gave it a nudge an put it on. As it has been said many times, its their site, their rules their acceptance. I used to get all upset when something I thought had the wow factor got rejected, now I just take it with a grain of salt.

With respect to their non response via email, guilty. I dont know that any of my emails have ever been answered. So I resort to this forum to talk, read, listen and learn and on the rare instances one of the administrators chimes in on a given subject, then we can say "Now we know" until then we just keep wondering.....

moof 07-13-2019 11:13 AM

OK guys, thank you very much for all the words. Now I'm still angry on them, however I feel better after your explanations ;) Thanks.

ATSF666 07-15-2019 05:22 AM

By "poping" I mean the photo has to be bright and vibrant. For the most part, yours are dark and dull. Are you shooting slides?

Flowing 07-15-2019 08:45 PM

Your rejected photos do seem just a bit dark but there are other even darker photos that get accepted here regularly. No good explanation for this other than inconsistent screening. They don't like my dark photos either. I like your photography style very much. Keep up the good work!

passrailfan 08-22-2019 12:04 AM

You can be a great photographer but still have issues with meeting the criteria that railpictures.net is looking for. Don't let that stop you from changing your overall quality of work. Look at it this way-how would your boss feel if you weren't meeting a particular criteria at work and it was disrupting the operations of the company. The errors might start off at minor but when they continue to happen and happen over and over, they might not be so minor in the end. Administration has banned multiple people just for submitting pictures that don't meet the standards of the database. I have heard about people who have decided not to submit to railpictures.net anymore. I know a great photographer who decided to submit elsewhere. Even when he was a member of railpictures.net, he had numerous publications in railroad magazines. The screeners can be a bit consistent. I know of plenty of photographers who have had shots accepted to railpictures that were taken of common commuter trains in home territory on cloudy days. I know people who have had sub par image quality work accepted to the database.

Jackson Glozer 08-22-2019 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by moof (Post 195598)
OK guys, thank you very much for all the words. Now I'm still angry on them, however I feel better after your explanations ;) Thanks.


First off, amazing work. I love seeing images from other parts of the world, different landscapes, locomotives ways of life. Your work would look stunning as prints, those rich blacks would really go nice on a Luster or Semi - Gloss paper! That said Railpictures has a fairly standard practice of rejecting anything that isn't up to their view of what a railroad photograph should be; and they have all the freedom to do that, it is their site after all. However with some tweaks I think alot of these could get on, some tips:

The only image I could really see as underexposed a bit is Image #1. It should be noted that I work on a fully color managed, properly calibrated monitor in a 18% gray room. So theoretically my workstation should present images as they are technically (color, hue, contrast) meant to be shown, something I am not sure all the screeners do. Anyway, the blacks are just losing detail and the train gets a bit lost. Up the exposure a bit, and lift that blacks and you have yourself a winner!

As for the other images, I don't see much that is glaringly wrong, maybe some tweaks here and there, some exposure bumping.

By the way I really enjoy image #2 of the train in Vietnam, great composition, mood and overall atmosphere! (maybe a bit of an exposure bump, .5 or less!)

nikos1 09-01-2019 08:00 AM

Sadly not much consideration is given for rarity outside the US, I guess the site admins have decided that that the US is their main user base and just focus on that. If you scroll through the newest uploads you will consistently find plenty of uninspiring subpar US photos.
and of course if its a "heritage unit" then anything goes
Do you have Flickr? I would definitely follow your work there.

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