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Zach Marlow 05-09-2004 08:14 PM

CSX switch problems
I was in Sidney OH at the depot this morning for the model railroad club meeting. About 2:00pm or we heard a train coming thru Quincy that was supposed to get on the toledo sub. Which they switch onto track 1 in Quincy, well the switch wouldn't budge, they tried to manually throw it but no luck. So they came all the way to Sidney on track 2, Switched to track 1 (the switch is just past the connection track for those who don't know). Before they started reversing so they could get on the connection the dispatcher came on and said you aren't going to believe this The connection switch won't go back to normal(in order for the train to back over it). They did get the switch to work manually this time so they had to back up past the switch, throw it again and wait for a north bound train out of piqua before proceeding. I'm sure the train crew was having fun after spending about 1 hour or so doing all the switching not normally required. Earlier that morning I was just talking about CSX needing to put another switch between Quincy and Sidney (about 10 miles) in order for the Westbound trains to go South onto the toledo sub

Lord Vader 05-11-2004 01:15 AM

It's already in the budget. Crossovers are to be placed east of the bridge. No time has been set for the project that I am aware of.

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