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ShortlinesUSA 10-04-2010 02:48 PM

DMIR 401-- now the most ironic photo in my collection
One of my favorite shots from a trip to the DMIR a little over 7 years ago is now the most ironic in my files. Seeing CN/DMIR 401 get wrecked in the head on made me wonder if I had a shot of it. Quick check of my site, sure enough, I got it. Where, you ask? Lauren, MN. I shot it pulling an empty ore train, just as it was doing during the wreck, which occurred just about half a mile north of where I dropped the shutter on this photo:


This is the one that got its cab crushed in that is presently one of the most viewed on the home page, but fortunately as the trailing unit, no one was on it. The ore empties apparently telescoped into the cab. Two crewmembers remain hospitalized, but there were no fatalities, fortunately.

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