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Amtrakdavis22 12-31-2013 10:29 PM

Favorites From 2013
Reflect back on this year and post your 7 favorite shots from 2013.








Have a Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe.

WMHeilman 12-31-2013 10:45 PM

May I ask why you picked the number 7? It's not a problem, I'm just wondering... Lol.

Anyway, here are my 7.








Amtrakdavis22 12-31-2013 10:50 PM

7 is my number. It was my high school baseball number, favorite number, etc. Also thought 5 was too little, 10 was too big.

Bob Pickering 12-31-2013 10:52 PM

Hi! I actually started a thread too did not see this as I was working on mine.. never the less here are mine..

So Ladies and Gents what are your top 10 shots (or at least your best or fav shots) from 2013??

I will start with mine based on views....

Number ten, A special passenger run to the Port of Miami as the FEC restores service to the port. As you will see a few of my top view photos were of this train...

Number nine, Three Champions on FEC 101 is a rare thing, that and the sky helps make this popular shot I think

Number eight, Sunrail's first trip into Downtown Orlando... Sunrail is the first Communter Rail system in Orlando and will start regular operation in 2014.

Number seven, New Champion paint scheme on the FEC brought some attention when two turned up on 226 one morning split by a blue motor.

Number six, a special move on the Port of Miami spur provided some good photo ops on a rarely used branch, which now sees the occasional movement and more on the way as the FEC re activates the Port of Miami spur.

Number five, the return of the Champion scheme on the FEC has been a hit for fans and when the first triple set of them ran it was "the train" to catch on the FEC for 2013. I was lucky that weather worked out as well as a late 101 to allow the sun to swing enough for a good shot of this consist.

Number four, Another shot of the Port of Miami special with the bay in the background.

Number three, On tour of the Kennedy Space Center we got to check out the NASA railroad. Exceptionally rare to visit and see.

Number two is this gem I found at the Cape Canaveral Airforce Station whilst on tour with the Florida East Coast Railway Society. What's cool is that that when these were in operation two locomotives would be parallel to each other with an MU hook up in between them so the could lug out the Titan rockets. You can see this yourself if you take the Canaveral history tour. One note, I dream of Jeanie was also filled here.

My Number One shot is (surprisingly to me) is the first Sunrail train into Orlando

I hope everyone enjoys... Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to your best of 2013 and your shots in 2014.


JimThias 12-31-2013 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by WMHeilman (Post 173714)
May I ask why you picked the number 7? It's not a problem, I'm just wondering... Lol.

8 is too many, 6 is not enough.


Kyle Korienek 12-31-2013 10:57 PM

No particular order:








railfanzone 12-31-2013 11:48 PM

Didn't upload that many this year, but here's my 7 favorites (in order from newest to oldest uploaded):


jnohallman 01-01-2014 12:47 AM

I didn't have a whole lot to upload this year, but I did manage to get what is apparently my worst shot ever (based on views) into the database. Anyhow, here's 7 shots.

1. My best performer of the year, and my favorite for personal reasons:

2. My second best as far as views:

3. [photoid=430725]

4. [photoid=449024]

5. [photoid=429415]

6. A bittersweet image.

And finally, at #7, the image you've all been waiting for, my worst photo ever (on RP, anyway), with a whopping 249 views since being added to the site on June 26 :twisted:

Dennis A. Livesey 01-01-2014 01:07 AM

2013 was quite a year. I am still figuring it out.

I liked how hulking the locomotive looks here.

B&W and steam, hard to beat.


First ever pace shot by me.

My most viewed shot of the year.

This image was selected as November for the Friends of the Valley Railroad's 2014 Calendar.

Trains Magazine "Blue Hour" Photo Contest Runner up.

PCA 3, Railfan & Railroad Photo contest runner up winner.



Mberry 01-01-2014 01:46 AM

Well I've only been posting since August of this year, but I'll join in! Here are my 7 favorite in chronological order.

This didn't get that many views, but you gotta love matched E-units in 2013:

Lucked out on the timing here, which led to an interesting image, and my first top shot:

A shot I'd been wanting to get for awhile, the Orford Express crossing the Eastman trestle on a calm fall day:

My first trip on CN's scenic Lac St-Jean sub did not dissappoint:

A few days after, my first night photo shoot, at Exporail:

I really racked up the 'wtf views' with this seasonal image:

And finally a cold and foggy shot of a train (CN 710, crude oil train) that has made railfanning in Quebec a lot more interesting by bringing in BNSF power on a regular basis to a part of North America where it was previously never seen other than perhaps a few times a year.

Happy new year everyone!

Coloradorailfan 01-01-2014 02:05 AM

Here's some of my favorites from this year:


magicman_841 01-01-2014 02:21 AM

2013 was a very good year foam-wise. Here are mine, in no particular order.








JRMDC 01-01-2014 02:49 AM

It was a great year for me RP-wise, because I uploaded 57 shots compared to the 20-some I have been doing in recent years. As the kids get older I can make more time, plus I did several photo charters this year. The following shots may or may not be my best, but they are the most meaningful to me in some aspect. None of these are in my top 10 of the last year by RP views; only one is top 10 by favorites or comments. Some are clearly nothing special but I like them and that is what matters.

[photoid=429882] Had spring foliage arrived, this would have been one of my all time personal favorites. Alas, not.

[photoid=435165] Just a wedgie but the B/W really appeals to me; the yellow on the lettering seems to glow a bit. And narrow-cab GEs are a favorite.

[photoid=445207] The best shot from my Poland trip, the only one of steam in decent light.

[photoid=451501] Making something of nothing, plus the pastel-like feel appeals to me.

[photoid=456141] For some time I had been wanting to copy a WMSR shot by Michael Allen. Circumstances worked out this year as I went to the WMSR twice; the first time turned out to be basically a scouting trip. The second time, I got my shot, and then thought of this angle, to my knowledge unique. (OK, someone will now ruin it for me by pointing out an earlier version. :) Let me maintain my misconception!)

[photoid=456057] I had never seen this shot done. I arrived, I saw the possibilities, I figured out a strong composition, I made it happen. I wish I could do this more often.

[photoid=456464] Figured out a strong scene, got some tree, which I want to do more of, and nicely captured what was to be a featured theme of the charter, the engine in pusher service, by having the engine pushing into the picture in good compositional balance.

Joe the Photog 01-01-2014 03:11 AM

All 7 and we'll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savior-faire
No one in the whole universe
Will ever compare


Ween 01-01-2014 04:38 AM

Oldest to most recent:


loomus78 01-01-2014 05:03 AM

I apparently didn't get out much during the day in 2013. In no real particular order.


Holloran Grade 01-01-2014 08:04 AM

Seven in no particular order.
My seven in no particular order.

A rare dousing of snow in the Cajon Pass.

Sometimes railfaning is best done alone - it is just you, the noise of the diesel and the cold.


A wide angle view from the hill at Ludlow.

I had my dog with me that day, perhaps that is why I like this shot.



Hanging out at the station with my Dad.


Never know what you are going to see in the Mojave, or why.


Cause no one else was up yet to see this one (and due to the warm weather, I wasn't freezing my butt off as per usual).


Because I hiked through the brush on a hot day in May where no one else goes, and didn't get bit by any rattle snakes - I was very careful.


Because I saw the shot in my head while I was walking around out there, and was able to get it onto the sensor the way my brain figured it ought to look.


KevinM 01-01-2014 01:39 PM

Here are my seven, all captured in 2013, as opposed to posted in that time frame. Mine are more or less in order of capture:

The rotary plow at the Nevada Northern:
This rotary is inoperable, but you'd never know that from this shot.

A super-cold sunset in Ely:
I recall fighting off frostbite with 2 of my friends watching and shooting this sunset. Ely is a place where you might consider putting "Hot Hands" in your skivvies, to protect the important stuff. :lol:

The new Steam Into History Operation in New Freedom, PA:
I like this shot because it includes the historic Junction Hotel, the new "York" Locomotive and the historic Hanover Junction Depot. Shortly afterward, the railroad changed their operating procedures and this particular set-up is now nearly impossible to get.

Dave Kloke's Leviathan on the Sacandaga Bridge at sunset:
I came close to wrecking my camera and killing myself to get it. Fortunately, both survived intact.

TR with Leviathan:
Dumb luck to be in the right place at the right second. Managed to pull it off even totally backlit.

My first and only wreck shot on RP:
I normally despise wreck shots. What made this one different is that I happened to be IN this particular wreck.

My star shot from Osier.
I think I shot all of about 4 frames before I had to leave for my hotel in Antonito. I left thinking I'd blown it.

I actually have a few other favorites, but there is something really memorable about all of these.

cblaz 01-01-2014 03:40 PM

As always, here are quick links to the previous years' threads: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2005 (no 2006 thread).

- Chris

coborn35 01-01-2014 04:00 PM

I am putting ten because seven is just a weird number and we usually do ten! :grin:

This is the kind of shot I like. Track speed with a smash and all the snow getting kicked up. I think the BN SD60M's are some of the best looking engines around, and have not had a ton of chances to shoot them. They usually run between Northtown and Superior but usually at night so hard to shoot. This was the best chase of an SD60M I have ever had I am glad I was able to shoot these before they are gone.

Although it so depressing to think this used to be maroon SD9's, 18's and 38's, it is pretty cool seeing these Canadian united used and especially when its a trio.

I took a great trip out to the Bessemer and encountered one of the worst snowstorms I have ever seen... and I am from Minnesnowta! This picture really shows how bad it was. We still got all the shots!

Once upon a time all these tracks would have been filled with ore. After the CN takeover Proctor became a ghost town, but has now seen its emergence as a large flat switching yard with the switch power being two (a third as a backup) Missabe SD38-2's.

Not a ground breaking shot, but this was the last train to ever service the large mill in Brainerd, MN and its unique street running.

Usually don't have a ton of time for pictures at work, but my crew had this train of 120 empties well in hand and it was a nice day, so I figured I should get a picture. I have always liked this spot.

There was a time in January where all I shot for the month were Bessemer trios. Seeing them on the Missabe is a real treat, besides the fact that like the color, but the B&LE was a sister road to the DM&IR and frequently swapped power. They sure look good pulling ore trains!

Its great to see the DM&IR #403 still soldering on almost ten years after the CN acquired the Missabe Road.

My favorite shot of the Bessemer trip:

Another photo while at work, as my crew runs through the crossovers. Read the description. Its pretty neat.

Tgranville 01-01-2014 05:37 PM

Here are my 7, with 3 extras added for good measure. pretty heritage unit heavy.

The first time I took my daughter railfanning with me. She about flipped when she saw the train.
Erie in the last of the fall foliage.
local crew working in a snowstorm
CSX street running
20 minutes later and the shot would have been ruined by the shadows
had been skunked 2 other times trying to get this shot.
PRR under PRR
The Wheeling over the Parkway
Pacing the DLW
backlit OC bridge

BUFFIE 01-01-2014 11:05 PM

Some of my faves from 2013
Some of mine - some notable for equipment not often seen, some for old-school paint schemes.


Dennis A. Livesey 01-01-2014 11:41 PM

Having enjoyed railroad photography for over 50 years, i must say that the overall quality of railfan pics nowadays is quite amazing.

All of this stuff is pro level for any time.

Great bunch of stuff guys.

troy12n 01-01-2014 11:46 PM

^ a good amount of it is, but let's not go overboard here...

Dennis A. Livesey 01-01-2014 11:52 PM

OK. Point taken.

I was trying to say how overall the change in quality is amazing. Not that all of the shots on RP are amazing.

The change of year is to blame. :-)

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