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E.M. Bell 02-25-2005 11:04 PM

CSX P955 OCS on the CC Sub
With all the Hub-Bub flying around about the CSX OCS that has been making rounds, I decided to break character and go shoot CSX for a change this Morning. Armed with a location update from JEL, we motored East towards Winchester (KY) and searched out a few Locations. Every time I find myself out around the CC sub, they seem to talk about lots of trains, but you never see any....this morning the radio was dead and we caught 3 in a little over a hour...my best day on CSX in 6 or 8 months!

Shortly after arriving at Patio Yard (Junction between the EK and CC subs just South of Winchester) ) a loaded TVA train came off the RJC at North Cabin and paused at the wye for a crew change. Here is RJC Z047 (CSXT T513) leaving town, seen from the cemetary overpass.


I had visions of shooting the OCS from the Cemetary overpass, but shortly after the T513 left town the patio switcher shoved a string of cars down the #2 main frigging up the shot. With a scant few minutes to spare we moved South of town and searched for a new location. With a little luck on our side we found our way back to the L&N style searchlight signals at Three Mile, Milepost KC100. After a short wait the OCS was heard on the radio at Patio and soon after we get what we came for as he scorched the ballast down Sanderson Hill.


The motor drive on the D30 had not even had time to cool off when a Southbound train swung off the EK main and followed the OCS South on the #2 main. Here is W275, splitting the signals at Three mile.


One last parting shot...a little bit of the Old Reliable keeps a signal case secure... http://www.kd4jsl.com/lnlock.jpg

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