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CSX1702 09-30-2014 11:31 AM


So I'm reading the description and it says that NS is supposed to acquire the SD80's from CSX. My question is, where do railfans get this information at? Seriously, its not like foamers are tight with railroad management. And I doubt the RR's released a statement saying "Hey, foamers! We're buying the SD80Mac's from CSX!"

Now if they actually did issue a press release or something, fine. But can someone tell me if that is what happened or not?

bigbassloyd 09-30-2014 03:31 PM

Yes, that is the current plan, along with other things that can't be disclosed in public :)

Some foamers have connections, and some railroaders are foamers in hiding.

Loyd L.

Freericks 10-01-2014 02:51 AM

No idea if it is true or not, but a lot of railfans do know, do have connections, and as Loyd pointed out are even rails.

I honestly have zero demonstrable information on an NS SD80MAC purchase/swap with CSX, but I think an overall dismissal of anything you hear is as ill-advised as an overall acceptance of anything you hear.

jnohallman 10-04-2014 02:38 AM

The head of NS is pretty much a foamer.


Joe the Photog 10-04-2014 09:53 PM

I rarely believe any rumors about NS. First, I heard they were doing something called "heritage units." Not sure what that was supposed to be about. Has anyone here seen any of them? Later I heard they were not only going to start running steam again, but that the NW 611 was going to be rebuilt and ride the rails again. In the immortal words of Wayne Campbell, "Shaaa, right!"

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