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dodi4200 01-25-2006 12:01 PM

first day of holiday(should be railfanning)
hi ya all here is my second trip report
finally and after more than one month and ahalf of exmas in the faculty i just get the first day of holiady yesterday.i thought that the best way to get anice holiday is railfanning.so i get my camera and went to the photos shop and bought batteries for it then i went to the yard of my city at 9:15am.
after reaching the yard immediatly i heard ahorn of atrain i looked at the main line i saw hardly the headlight of atrain coming to the station as there was aheavy late fog.i couldnot catch apic of it as the sun was facing me not the train.after the train passed i went to the control tower number one to my friend hamdi to talk alittle with him .when i looked at the control tower i noticed that there were 15 loaded grain cars at line #4so i thought that it would be anice day.i went to the control tower to talked with my friend hamdi then i heared that control tower#2 asked for apermission to let he passenger train #490 enter the station after that my friend hamdi begin to prepair the switchs for the train after that he opened the semaphores for it to let the train leave the station.i told him that i will go to catch apic of it he allowed me to do that and also the driver was friendly as he waved to me

after that i went to my friend mosaad in the control tower #2 when i reached the control tower i heard the ring of the permission of el merabeen station to move the train from el merabeen and control tower#2.they get the permission and after that i told my friend mosaad that i will go to catch apic of this train in acurve then i will be back to him.i caught the pic and the sun angel was nice.

after that train get to the station of kfs city i heard the horn of the grain train i looked to the industerial line i found this train begin to run and asking for apermission to get to line #4 into kfs station.

control tower #2 didnot gave it the permission as the passenger train #492 asking also for apermission and passenger trains have the right to pass before frieght trains.so grain train stayed in its place till the passenger train 504 pass i thought that it will be avery nice time to catch apic of the 2 trains
after that i went to the control tower #2 to my friend and after that we eat avery light meal as he is working and canot eat abig meal.
after that i heared the permission of thepassenger train#494 asking for apermission to enter the yard and he get it
after the station become empty and there is just the grain train there were some complex swiching operations as this train will attach the empty grain cars to the main train they it will take 8loaded cars and go to the industerial line.im sorry i couldnot catch pix at this time for 2 reasons the first one that there were policemen in the yard at this time and the second reason that it was cloudy in this time.
after the train went to the industerial line.i went again to my friend mosaad in the control tower and we still about 1 hour talking together about trains.after that i i heared the driver of the grain train for apermission to enter the yard to line #4 as it finished the unloading of the cars and wanna to ake more cats to the grain stores.i went speedly to the switch between the main line and the induterial line to catch apic but it was cloudy.

after that i feel cold and i thought that the sun wouldnot come again in this day so i decided to go home and continue this nice trip at other day.
here is my second trip in trip reports forum and i hope that all of you enjoy it.
thanks for reading.

busyEMT 01-25-2006 01:55 PM

Nice photos. Keep shooting and having fun.

CG_F45 01-25-2006 10:29 PM

Very nice shots Mohamed, I always enjoy your trip reports...kepp up the great work!

dodi4200 01-26-2006 09:09 AM

thanks Aaron and chris for the nice replays and i waiting to see more from you too.

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