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John West 07-02-2017 04:17 PM

One of those runaround pix
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The attached image has been sitting in line now while others are run around it. This seems to happen to me more than occasionally. I wonder why? It is not a great image, lots to technical faults, but it has a moody quality I like and some historical interest. I could easily see it being rejected for its faults, or accepted for its historical interest. But I wonder why the decision is taking so long. One can only assume it is awaiting a second opinion, but is that good or bad. And why.

JRMDC 07-02-2017 04:43 PM

I think having a process with a second opinion is both good - it gives some shots a second look and thus, in some sense, gives an extra opportunity to get on - and bad, in that it suggests the process of acceptance is taken too seriously. It implies that there is a "right" answer when in my view it is subjective and even the screeners participating in the double review might see the shot differently if they looked at it a week later.

I myself don't care for the shot as an RP candidate, too tight for one, light is rather blah. Fine for other venues.

John West 07-02-2017 05:08 PM

My curiosity is in the process. One of great mysteries of RP is the screening process since the results are so inconsistent, and the reasons given for a rejection so often off the mark. The flip side is more often I have to wonder why an image was accepted! I wonder what the rules are for a second look, assuming there even are "rules". This is more curiosity than concern, and not really criticism since I accept the fact screening is a hugely judgmental process where the results are rarely going to fit into some simple rules.

I submitted this image simply because it was an interesting post-processing challenge (the original was REALLY dark) which I was doing for another venue, but as is so often the case I was overly impressed with my own work and decided to see what RP thought. And of course the lack of instant gratification is frustrating.

RobJor 07-02-2017 07:35 PM

I have had several stuck in the Que for a while and think all eventually rejected. This make sense since they were not accepted on first view there would be a higher hurdle to overcome. As noted this image seems tight for the wide open West(smile) and blueish on my non-calibrated terminal.


John West 07-02-2017 07:49 PM

WOW, this one ended up being not only being accepted for whatever reason, probably under the historical interest exemption for crappy photographs, but making the front page and getting over 3000 hits. Sometimes ya just don't know what the "market" likes. I guess the DRGW narrow gauge has a lot of fans.

I agree about the blue. That is a consistent problem with Kodachrome, especially under exposed Kodachrome. I actually removed a lot of both blue and cyan, but it still looked blue. I initially left it as ls because the more I tried to lighten it, add contrast, and correct color the more I was finding artifacts. But I then went back and took some more blue out and it looks better I think. The "final" (until I go back and tinker some more) version was resubmitted.

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