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willie6622 01-06-2006 12:44 AM

Favorite 5 from '05
I know we did the 3 most popular thing, but now show your 5 favorite shots from 2005 that you have taken. Only 1 of my 5 favorites is the same as my 3 most viewed.

My favorite is this one , because it got me into the NS 2006 Calendar.

My 2nd. fav. is this tie train dropping ties along the Ohio River. The weather here really stunk during the peak fall season, and this is one of the few shots I got while the leaves still had some color.

3rd Fav. is of this GP50 getting ready to depart the Coal Harbor. I just like the way it turned out.

4th. on my list is this Geometry train testing along the Ohio River. It had one of the Ex GP50's recently rebuilt into GP38-3's as the power.

5th. is this Ore Train crossing from Ohio into West Virginia with the Impressive US 22 bridge in the background. Weirton also quit receiving ore this year , so I'm glad I was able to photograph an ore train before they quit running.


Ween 01-06-2006 01:46 AM

Geez, Willie, this is like picking favorites among your children! Not quite, but like children, some photos you thought were going to turn out better when you set up than what they actually did, while others come out of the woodwork and make you proud. These are teh ones I keep coming back to, so here's my Five Fav from Oh Five:

1) This shot is exactly why I wanted the 70-200mm f/4.0L. This shot was taken at almost 9PM, during the beginnings of another awesome ND sunset, which gave me some sweet light to work with (and it lit up that grain silo quite nice). I just love the colors and the fact that a Warbonnet was leading made it extra sweet.

2) For whatever reason, I love this shot. Maybe it's the angle. Maybe it's the S-curve. Maybe it's the Front Range in the background. Maybe it's all of the above.

3) This was one of those shots that turned out the way I had envisioned it. I stood out on this little cliff for ~30 minutes waiting for this guy to get here. Low clouds were threatening to make it a wasted effort, but enough sun got through that made it a keeper.

4) This is the shot that validated the XT. Working with the 2.0MP Nikon, shots like this were outside the realm of possibility. This Easter Sunday shot with a nice (and somewhat rare for this line) SD60M tri-clops was more than I could have hoped for.

5) This is one of those that came out the woodwork and knocked my socks off. I had wanted for a while to get that little bridge in a shot, and this was my chance. This train was at track speed and I had to race out of Grand Forks to get ahead of it. I had no time to pick the 'sweet' spot for the best angle, but this grab shot worked out better than if I would have planned it. I just hope I can remember where I was standing next time I'm there!

PS No UP. Sweet!

bnsf sammy 01-06-2006 03:04 AM

Just the fact that these photos got accepted makes them my favorite.
This was taken on a trip to Tehachapi with a pit-stop in Cajon.
This was taken after a trip on the Surfliner to L.A.
This was taken at a trip to the California State Railroad Museum.

NicTrain35 01-06-2006 03:48 AM

My Top 5 Favorite Photos From 2005!
Very nice shots everyone! Here are my top 5 favorites of 2005.

This photo was taken in Ransom, Illinois. I was standing on a bridge in a town that has a population of less than 500. I was hoping for a train that would match the colors of the scenery. I suddenly saw a headlight about five miles away. You can see the train for miles on the Transcon. This gave me plenty of time to set up. A short time later, here came the train rounding the corner. I was very excited to see that three BN's (GP38 2344, GP9B 1701 which there's only three of, and GP28M 1513) were in charge of this westbound manifest! I couldn't have asked for more. It was the train of the day and it was well worth the wait!

This one was also taken in Ransom. We first saw this train a few miles east of here in Kinsman with a brand new sparking BNSF GEVO 7766 in the beautiful new logo paint scheme! He was moving track speed with a westbound intermodal. We got our photos and movie, then decided to head to Ransom, which is a few miles west of here. While driving along the country road, we noticed that a westbound intermodal was sitting along the tracks. It was held up waiting for an eastbound. I was very excited thinking I was going to get another photo of this train! We drove to the bridge where ID 119391 was taken. We were about a half mile away from the bridge when we suddenly saw the train start to move. He was very close to the bridge and we weren't there. The engineer had put the hammer down and was picking up speed fast. We had to "sort of" hammer it also to get to the bridge. ;) Traffic is very light on these country roads which makes it very easy to hop out of the car and get a photo. We made it to the bridge just in time and I saw the train throttling up coming around the corner. The beautiful new logo flew under the bridge blasting hot exaust right in our faces! It was a very nice sight!

This photo is one of my favorites and one of my mom and dad's favorites. I've always loved this angle. I couldn't have asked for anything more than a beautiful blue CEFX highballing west with a stacker!

I absolutely love this one! I was railfanning at Joliet Union Station and the outbound Texas Eagle was due to arrive in about ten minutes. It rounded the corner with Amtrak 84, one of the special painted Toyota Tundra engines! The other Toyota Tundra engine was Amtrak 115. Amtrak had a special deal with Toyota. On the back, it has "The Powerful Toyota Tundra". This was a beautiful locomotive and a very nice sight!

This photo was taken at the EJ&E Yard in Joliet. Robby and I were photographing three Ohio Cental SD40-2's earlier in the day. That was a lot of fun! The three Ohio Central SD40-2's were leased to EJ&E. It's possible they may be leased to EJ&E again. I hope that's what happens! After we got home, we decided to head back to the EJ&E yard to photograph the Ohio Centrals again. When we got there, we saw them sitting in the fueling ranks. We got our photos and all of a sudden, we noticed this beautiful yellow and blue locomotive sitting right in plain view. It was a freshly painted Ontario Northland GP40-2 2202. Two RLCX Ex-BRC GP10's were sitting behind the beautiful Ontario Northland engine.

Thanks for looking everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone else's favorite photos from 2005! :)

4kV 01-06-2006 04:28 AM

Here are mine, in order from most favorite to fifth favorite....

1. This one was nice, because it was an unpatched ATSF on the point, and there was perfect light from a train slowly moving south toward this train. It all came together very well. I only wish the moon was more visible, but I could do nothing about that. Like Ween, my favorite was fronted by a red and silver. You can't beat a good ole red and silver Santa Fe.


2. Here is another one where circumstance helped the shot. For one, the sky was perfect, the light angle was perfect, and a surprise NS train came by right before the UP train. We waited two hours on this UP train to get to this location, and the wait was worthwhile. What was going to be a long telephoto wedgie of the UP coming under the bridge quickly became a wider angle when I saw the NS train coming.


3. This was a nice picture in my opinion because of the celestial display going on behind it. The Moon and Venus were very bright. I stopped because this train was stopped, albeit briefly. I had just enough time to set up, shoot it, and just as the shutter closed, the train started moving. It happened that this DPU was placed between the signals, which added greatly to the photo.


4. I waited for an hour or so to catch a westbound coming into what started as good lighting, hoping to just get a nice shot of a train crossing in this pretty location with a little reflection. I never did get the westbound, but an eastbound with a DPU gives the same affect. The clouds increased and this day quickly went to crap after this shot.


5. I drove past the crossing here at BB Road and saw a northbound in the distance, so I pulled off and waited. As more and more engines became visible under the I-255 overpass, it became apparent I wasn't going to take a very good shot with the wide angle lens, and didn't have the telephoto close enough to change out. So I ran down the road like a foamer idiot as far as I could to get as much of the engine consist in the picture, and successfully did so. I like the lighting on this one, and the fact it had 11 units, which is always a nice bonus, especially when you can get them all in the shot. It's a little far away looking, and some people probably don't like it (not including Ween, who doesn't like it because it is yellow overload.)


P.S. Almost all UP. Sweet!

Cyclonetrain 01-06-2006 04:37 AM

Hmmm.. this is going to be hard..

yay, Florida.. too bad we're selling our house down in North Palm :(..

Me and LeMay were laughing for a good 20 mins after that incident..

Summer Railfaning in my hometown, Nothing can beat it... well, exept a Cabride..

White Sulphur Springs, WV. We try to make it a tradition to go atleast once every 2 years.

My 2nd night shot ever attempted.That was a fun night, Me and Joe LeMay went out to catch a Light Power move of about 6 New logo's, came about an hour late and we met a crew van driver and his friend, who had caught it it..

Flowing 01-06-2006 07:03 AM

1. TVRM 610 crosses Cane Creek Trestle in Oakton, GA. I like everything that went into this shot: a steam engine on a wood trestle over a babling brook, under a clear autumn sky, and the fact that getting this shot required a short hike in the woods.


2. NS train M7M climbs past Shawsville, VA on the former N&W mainline out of Roanoke. This location, now being overgrown with trees, has been a favorite of a friend of mine for years.


3. A Scherer coal train on NS crosses the Tennessee River drawbridge in Decatur, AL. This shot was taken from a boat, and as you can see, involved silhouetting the train and bridge against a bright sky. This was a shot I envisioned nearly two years earlier that I finally got the opportunity to try.


4. Probably the best outing of the year involved chasing the Georgia Southwestern F units on a regular freight. The sun was out most of the day but at bad angles compared to the direction the train was running, until finally we landed this shot at Georgetown, GA.


5. A Scherer coal train being detoured on the former CofG (a short-lived practice) splits the signals at Smiths Station, AL. This is one of my favorite locations on the line, and the combination of the orange BNSF power, green foliage, white water tower set against a cloudy backround, and classic Southern signals make this one of my all-time favorites.


dodi4200 01-06-2006 05:09 PM

here is my best five pix in 2005
1) i showed it in the other topic of the best 3 pix for my friend khaled when he was make the switch ready for the loco.


2) apic for the express 876 in acurve before entreing the central station of my city and after i caught the pic the driver of the train waved to me and he thought that iam from the press.


3) this pic i caught it suffering about 30min to reach this nice spot to make adecent shot and beside me there were railway equipments for fixing the rails and the police man of the equipement asked me about what i were doing there i told him that i like catching trains pix so he allowed me to catch the pic and then told me to go.


4)in this one i were back from the faculty then i decided to catch anice pic one my way to home fo get out from the minibus and stayed trackside about 15min then i saw this train and caught the pic.


5) and in this one i was very pleased as i were knew the driver of this train and when he saw me he begin to slow down the train so i can take adecent shot.


fuente1 01-06-2006 07:45 PM

Nice photos everyone! I dont usually shoot mainline/Class I type stuff, I hope everyone enjoys some shots that are off the beaten path.

#1 First public Doubleheader since 1997. The crew ran those 2 in unison like true professionals. Shot was taken on the left side of Dead Horse Trestle when a lucky sucker hole opened up. #12 is in her original mid 20's ET&WNC RR paint scheme for this weekend only.

#2 Management somehow got ahold of Bob Timberlake's Model A Ford and posed it with #12 at the rural grade crossing just before the trestle shown in the photo above. Those 2 machines are not far apart in age :)

#3 ex-ET&WNC #12 leads ex-White Pass & Yukon #190 around Roundhouse Mountain. This photo is great because it shows both engines building a large head of steam (as you can see from the safety valves about to open) as they prepare to assault the 5+% grade thru the blasted out cut. There is NOTHING on earth like hearing 2 steam locomotives assault a 5+% grade together!

#4 This photo was taken on the last weekend of operations for Tweetsie, #12 has regained her "Tweetsie Railroad" lettering, which she shed for Ralfan Weekend, when she became "ET&WNC #12" The leaves are off the trees and there is a chill in the air leaving a nice cottony cloud of steam coming out of her stack as she crosses Dead Horse Trestle.

#5 This photo shows the firemen preparing #190 for a busy day during Railfan Weekend at Tweetsie Railroad. They are greasing all of the moving parts on the rods with graphite based lubricant. This was the beginning of a very interesting day, as #190 hauled the regular passenger train, while #12 chased her with a special "ET&WNC" train complete with a coach from around 1873 painted in ET&WNC livery.

cmherndon 01-06-2006 08:33 PM

My favorite 5 in order of upload (oldest-newest)...

1.) A UP AC4400 and 3 other locomotives drag grain loads south at Helenwood, TN. I had tried this shot a few times before and never got it to come out right. This is a really bland location and the loading dock really adds to the photo.


2.) While 375 was waiting for a crew at the wye, I started taking some rosters (for my personal reference) and thought, "How would it look if I got down on the ground and shot up." That's something we usually dont' get a good feel for, and this photo really shows off the size of an SD70.


3.) I was looking for a good angle to shoot 285 from in Harrodsburg. In the same location, there was a sign that said "No Trucks", but after looking at it through the camera I decided that it sucked more than an Electrolux. So I move over about 30 feet and get the composition just right...


4.) I hadn't been out much, and a few of us finally decided to go out and shoot for a day. I had thought about shooting the usual angle with the fence, or maybe getting Greg in my shot only to decide that neither would work. That's when I tried framing the locomotive with the fence. I was rather pleased with the results.


5.) After getting a few shots we headed to South Fork to wait on 223. I got out of the truck and saw how the sun was hitting the rail. I have always thought that the casting on rail would make for an interesting shot, as I usually like to think outside the box. This is backlit, but the lighting only adds to it.


Andrew Blaszczyk (2) 01-06-2006 09:57 PM

Great topic...more shameless plugs for views ;-)...

From 5 to 1...

5. Jan. 17, 2005 - An early favorite of mine was this shot of the NS OCS or NS 955 at Spruce Creek, PA. We searched for a decent photo spot after hearing about the EB on the scanner and ended up sitting at Spruce Creek waiting. We had to wait for two westbounds before finally hearing the horn of this at the time unknown train. The thought that is was light power was shot down when we noticed the three NS coaches behind the frshly painted SD70M. Not known at the time was that this trainset was headed to Waynesboro, VA for the 50th Anniv. of O. Winston Link's first N&W photo. The same trainset just so happened to be the top shot of 2005 on this site and I was able to catch it in transit!

4. A new tradition that I have recently started with my family on spring break is to visit a different railfanning spot or a new railroad while driving back from Florida. This past year, after seeing photos on RP and in magazines of the Hartwell and Great Walton Railroads, I decided that was where I would like to stop. While driving through the quaint town of Lavonia, GA, we came to the "feed mill" just east of town. There we saw the historic, museum-like power idling waiting for their next asignment.

3. Jun. 22, 2005 - Every June my cousin, brother and I take a week long railfan trip somewhere in the U.S. This year our main goal was KCS, starting from Meridian to Shreveport and eventually into Kansas. Due to track work and various other nusances this photo is one of my only "true" KCS photos.

2. Oct. 8, 2005 - Though not the first time visiting the EBT, it was the first year I've had the opportunity and skill to do night shots. Though it was raining and pretty chilly, just standing around watching them move the Mikados around the yard and them putting them away from the night was one of the greatest moments of my life. The sights, sounds and smells just seemed to be even better after the sun went down!

1. Dec. 10, 2005 - This is my favorite from 2005 for the reason I had to work my a** off for it. The story is partly told in the remarks under the photo, but a little more to the story is that this was the first time in 17 years of living 10 miles away to actually go out and catch the Santa Train on any part of the line, let alone a day long chase.

Gordon Graham 01-07-2006 08:35 AM

These are my favourite ~
I think they may be bad if compare with yours ...

If I can choose , I think some of my rejected photos
are better than those below !

From 1~5 .

Coupled ER20 in service !
That's very nice ~

The Clyde built G16 , KCR 59 Gerry Forsgate .
Nothing special , but I like it ...

Gordon Graham ! That's me ... I'm "in" the photo ...
The shiny 58 was just renewed few months ...
The cropping is not very good so I'm not very like it .

My most popular's photo .
Again , nothing special , but I like it ...
Durty Peter Quick ! Go to bath quickly !

It is not a really nice photo .
I like this because I like the train only ...

-- The End --

ccaranna 01-08-2006 12:51 AM

In no particular order, here are mine-


Beat the clouds on this one:





Save The Wave 01-08-2006 03:31 AM

My 5 favs.
A shot that I'd had in mind for awhile, but took some planning and elevation to get.

Actually posting a photo that makes screeners choice.

Finding this trio of SD9's running and looking good as coal haulers in southern Indiana.

Getting a shot from the inside of the 12,000' Ohio River approach near Evansville.

First catch of a BNSF "swoosh" in Indiana. This is my favorite rail pic that I have taken ever.

cblaz 01-09-2006 08:11 AM

Favorite 5 from '05
Here are my favorite shots from 2005:

1. Every October, we go out to the East Broad Top for their Fall Spectacular weekend. This year, for the first time in 4 years, they had more than one steam engine running. Since they wanted to use steam on as many trains as possible, they only ran one doubleheader each day. Even though it was overcast both days, it was still quite a sight and this shot is one of my best of the doubleheaders.

2. A halfhearted setup turns into a beauty. I was shooting the helpers sitting by the signals at CP-MO and after shooting the autorack train's headlights lighting up the shot, I decided to shoot the rear streaking away to see what happened, and the result is below.

3. Continuing the central PA theme is this glint shot off the Cassnadra Iron Bridge. After shooting the head end in sweet light from the hillside, I noticed the glint on the train while walking back to the car for warmth, so I set up quickly and waited for the end of the train. Luckily for me, it was all trailers and no stacks, making the train look very symmetric.

4. Changing it up a bit, my fourth favorite shot is from Canada. My family and I took a two week trip to Nova Scotia and tried to squeeze in some railfanning between sightseeing. Luckily, our schedule put us into Halifax on one of the days that VIA's "Ocean" arrives from Montreal, and thanks to some internet research, I found out it was the day in which the all stainless steel trainset is used, one of the last stainless steel trains running in North America. Even though it was raining, we still were able to get some good shots of this historic consist.

5. Back to the East Broad Top to round out the top 5. It was our first time taking night shots at the roundhouse. Thanks to one of the crewmembers dumping the engine's ashes, it created a unique blue glow under the engine that added to the shot.

Those are my top 5 favorites; hopefully, 2006 will bring shots just as good or better for everyone.

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