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4kV 11-04-2005 02:47 PM

Southern Indiana trip of 11-2-2005
Ike and I took a little trip to southern Indiana on Wednesday to catch some trains and fall foliage. Ike also wanted to go somewhere we would not see UP, although I warned him both the NS and CSX frequently use UP power. We departed at 04:10 from my house, and within five minutes had two states under our belt for the trip. OK, that's not too tough since I live a mile from Illinois, but it makes it sound like we were travelling at supersonic velocity.

Our first stop, ironically, was in Dupo, which was a wholesale denial of the precedent of the trip, as this is a UP facility. There was nothing there worth shooting, so we moved on. I'm sure an individual whose name I shall not reveal (Ween) will chime right in and say that no UP power is worth shooting. Hey, not everyone thinks the right way, what can you do?

After a hunt for breakfast in Mount Vernon, IL we stopped at the L&N depot to shoot the J731 power sitting nearby. The sun was just coming up, though the shot was not that great, especially since for the far off shot, I stupidly did not use my tripod. I did, however, aim to record these units sitting there, for in less than 2 months, if all goes to plan, CSX will no longer be operating this once busy mainline to St. Louis.


After Mount Vernon, we hit the interstate, got off on US 41, and started listening to the scanner. Immediately we heard a Q591 calling a signal. The transmission was clear, so we knew he was in proximity. I'm not all that familiar with the locations along the CE&D, so we just sat and waited at a crossing on the north side of Saint James. Wouldn't you know it, the first train in Indiana had UP power leading! I thought of Ween.



We drove northward and soon heard a Q129 01 getting permission to pass through some work limits on the north side of Haubstadt, so we sat tight in downtown Haubstadt. This one blasted through a few minutes later. Again, not knowing any better locations, I simply settled for another wedgie, something which ended up being the story of my day.


After that train passed, we worked northward. Q128 31 was in the hole at Kings and asked the dispatcher when they could take him. She told him he was waiting on three southbounds, all close by, and then he would have things to himself for quite a while. That knowledge eased our decision to move off the CE&D after these three got by. We waited at Fort Branch for the first of these, which was Q121 02.


A few crossings up near the south end of Kings we caught Q649.


That crossing was not too exciting, and was home to a barking pooch that refused to shut his yapper, so we moved northward. Not knowing the layout of the roads (Ike could not find his Indiana DeLorme) we got stiffed by Q515. Oh well.

We settled down in Princeton for a bit, waited for Q128 31 to come north, then headed off east to catch some NS action.

Around Saint Anthony we heard NS 239 calling a signal, then quickly found that the signal was only two miles away. We ducked down some side road and set up quickly, which can be seen in this shot which is nothing much to talk about.


Not too far down the pavement at Birdseye we heard 112 calling a signal, so again, we darted off into town and set up. There is a nice S curve coming into town, but the brush on the right side somewhat messed up a good S shot, so we settled for a curved wedgie.



After enjoying the passing of 239 and 112 trains and discovering a lot of MOW work going on east of Birdseye, we got back on I-64 and headed toward New Albany. We got off at Corydon to see if we could discover any "action" on the LNAL, but alas there was nil. For that matter, I was unaware they have stopped going all the way down into town where once they started off their excursion train. Anyway, this side trip presented a good time to stop by the golden arches and take a McWizz. We also delved into delicacy and purchased a good ole fashion, heart stopping, artery blocking McRib sandwich, a culinary delight not available in the St. Louis market. We got our food and pressed on toward New Albany.

Nothing much was shaking upon arrival at New Albany, so we rode around town looking for future shots of street running on the Monon.

Finally, something came over the K&IT Bridge. This was a yard job coming over to switch a metal scrapper in New Albany. We shot it near the bridge, then again at the yard in New Albany. Our wish was to get it backing into the recycling place since the sun would be great. The train ended up derailing a truck in the yard, so all hopes for such a shot went down with the sun.



That was our last train in Indiana. As the sky grew dark, we hustled back to St. Louis. Of course, me being the resident UP fan of the pair, we had to stop in Dupo to check the scene. There was some power sitting back near the roundhouse, and as pay back for the UP power in Indiana, these were two nice looking NS units, one being blue, one being shiny new.


That was it. We invested 17:30 hours, around 700 miles, 20.5 MPG, and an extra bonus of spending only $27.00 on gas which actually cost $79.00. The other day, Ike and I found a purse in the street. Ike took it to the cops, and the woman who owned it gave us 25 dollars. We put that toward the trip. In addition to that, while driving down I-64 toward New Albany, we spotted a large spread of aluminum cans along the shoulder. It appeared as though a garbage bag of cans took flight from someone's truck and suffered a hard landing on the concrete. Well, hell's bells, we put ourselves into super duper redneck mode (moreso than normal operating procedure, that is) and got off at the next exit, drove back west to the previous exit, and came back around to pick up them thar cans. That little half hour of work ended up netting us 40 pounds of aluminum, which we conveniently turned in at that above mentioned rail served scrap yard. That got us 27.00 more bucks. Yeehaw!

Ike had a pic of the cans, but told me something happened to it, and he is not able to retrieve it. Darn.

This photo by Ike simply goes into the WTF section. As you can see, the vehicle in New Albany is decorated with stickers, figures, toys, beer cans, it looks like someone went on a drinking binge near their neighbor's garbage can after finding a case of superglue. Like I said, WTF?!


LAHDPOP 11-04-2005 06:20 PM

Nice report, and nice pics. Sounds like fun. I haven't done a road trip in a good long while.

Speaking of road trips, though, I got "tasked" to go to the Notre Dame vs Tennessee game this weekend in South Bend. We're doing the fly-by, so we have to have people on the ground (ie, pressbox). Maybe I can sneak in some railfanning in between after-game social events.

4kV 11-04-2005 06:21 PM

Yep, and thanks for the frequencies, Bret. As you can see, they came in handy.

LAHDPOP 11-04-2005 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by 4kV
Yep, and thanks for the frequencies, Bret. As you can see, they came in handy.

No problem. Glad y'all had fun. And as far as UP power on CSX trains, that's especially true on the St Louis Line. Hell, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a UP SD70M leading a Q- train.


Originally Posted by LAHDPOP
...Maybe I can sneak in some railfanning in between after-game social events.

On second thought, screw that. Must remain focused on the social events....

4kV 11-04-2005 06:38 PM

That's right, I see them all the time on the St. Louis line. Every once in a while, some CSX power shows up. That holds true for the B&O, too.

IKE 11-04-2005 09:30 PM

I'll chime in and add another thanks for the frequencies, without the Indiana DeLorme (the Missouri book stays in the truck, but I didn't find it terribly useful in this case) we were flying somewhat blind. All in all, though, it was an excellent trip, you simply could not ask for better weather this, or any other time of year. To top it off, the scenery, especially in Princeton, was worth the price of admission. (did a train pass while we were there? I must not remember it...) ;)

Ween 11-05-2005 02:14 AM


Ike also wanted to go somewhere we would not see UP
Smart man. Smart man Ike is.

Come up to The Forks. Only 1 UP unit sighted in almost a year!!

Save The Wave 11-05-2005 02:32 AM

You guys were trudging on very familiar territory (to me)! The scenery on NS between Princeton and Winslow is about 100x better than anything CSX has to offer from Terre Haute to Evansville. The few places that were decent to shoot around Kings have been "ruined" by the new signals.
Looks like you managed some nice shots on the CE&D inspite of the numerous poles and other distractions :)
If you make it over again and hear some NS action around Ayrshire, whip out your Delorme Gazetteer and find Marysville, just east of Oakland City. We call it the "rollercoaster" track.

Good hunting and great report. If you're ever over on a weekend, drop me an email savethewave@hotmail.com

4kV 11-05-2005 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by Save The Wave
Good hunting and great report. If you're ever over on a weekend, drop me an email savethewave@hotmail.com

I plan on it. I was thinking of a lot of your shots out there, wondering exactly where some of them were. Then again, I have no working telephoto anymore, because I felt the compelling need to drop it onto the concrete 5 feet off the ground, and could not have got that great roller coaster effect you caught.

I'd love to get out there on a weekend and maybe hunt out those spots with you, and actually sit and wait for trains, rather than rush to shoot them as the opportunities quickly come up.

4kV 11-05-2005 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by Ween
Smart man. Smart man Ike is.

Now now, you can't differentiate one's intelligence from another simply because of their like or dislike of the UP. Does that make me not smart? Because I have always thought I was a pretty fart smeller, I mean, smart feller.

And one UP in the Forks in a year? You state that fact almost as if in a celebratory tone.

Save The Wave 11-05-2005 03:59 AM


Originally Posted by 4kV
because I felt the compelling need to drop it onto the concrete 5 feet off the ground <snip>

Ouch. If you're shooting with a Canon EOS, you're more than welcome to use my tele lens.
Seems I end up in Princeton nearly every Saturday and a lot of Sundays. There are a couple morning EB shots I really wanna get, just can't get the trains to cooperate. Also, if you like SD9's, the AWW usually runs on Indiana Southern south of Oakland City on Fridays to one of the mines along Hwy 57. They were out there today.
Not sure if they're on this forum or not, but it was Foamer Central at the CSX/NS diamond in Princeton last Saturday. Never seen so many rail fans in one place!
I am sure you probably saw the const south of Princeton, CSX is double maining from Princeton to Kings, hopefully even further next year. The bonus is that when the trains ask for permission through the work area they give their lead engines. If it's the usual trash you can save your gas from trying to find a shooting spot :)

IKE 11-05-2005 04:38 AM


Originally Posted by Ween
Smart man. Smart man Ike is.

Thanks Ween!!! I won't get into a debate regarding my intellegence, mainly because I'll probably end up showing mine, and it might not be the high end of the scale!

If I want to see the UP, I can drive a couple miles in any direction and do so. I figure that it's nice to have some variety, and for me that's a compelling enough reason to go on a road trip.


Originally Posted by 4kV
...I have always thought I was a pretty fart smeller...

Let's see, a road trip with meal stops at greasy spoons and plenty of snack foods along the way; "pretty" isn't the word I'd use. :-P

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