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MassArt Images 02-21-2020 09:40 PM

help with level
Leveled in post but apparently not in the screeners eye. Train is entering a left curve that has slight superelevation. Suggestions??


miningcamper1 02-21-2020 10:47 PM

Three choices:

1) Humor them. Make the cab sides vertical (still looks fine).
2) Appeal, citing the perfectly vertical signal mast.
3) Flickr.

RobJor 02-22-2020 01:44 AM

I think it a nice dramatic in your face shot. So much of the daily fare is quite mundane.
I think this goes back to some questions on the drone shots. Many are nice, well done. The question is do they get a pass, we don't know. Go fly a kite, take a photo, good to go?

No drone envy here, If I got one it would be to scout for locations.

MassArt Images 02-22-2020 02:14 PM

Now itís composition. I donít think they want https://www.railpictures.net/viewrej...99&key=8458689

RobJor 02-22-2020 08:21 PM

Rejected version is accepted?


MassArt Images 02-22-2020 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by RobJor (Post 196163)
Rejected version is accepted?


The original was accepted after an appeal. The one that I gave a .5 CCW rotation was rejected for composition. Obviously a different pair of eyes .


JimThias 02-23-2020 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by MassArt Images (Post 196165)

What am I doing wrong with the ID script format??



MassArt Images 02-23-2020 06:29 PM

Thanks Jim!!

As a side-note, the original shot was transferred to my iPhone where I did all the post-processing. The latest iOS has a good selection of editing tools which I thought did a nice job.

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