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J 01-15-2005 03:08 AM

UP - Major Washouts in Southwest - Tracks Now Open
UP has experienced serious washouts on the Coast Line, north and west of West Colton and northeast of Las Vegas. Several bridges are damaged and thousands of feet of track have been obliterated. Limited traffic is being rerouted via BNSF but most traffic is being held up to several states away. Some repairs will take weeks. The last time the Coast Line experienced flooding was in the early 1950's - at that time the now-abandoned Santa Paula Branch kept traffic flowing. The last time Old Colton flooded out was probably in the 1930's.

Some repairs will take weeks as you can see from the following photos.


Ken Carr 01-15-2005 08:28 AM

Please look over the following photos:



three miles in on foot, with washed out main tracks as well as the siding at Rux. Weather was nice today but previously rainy and overcast. UP making a big push to get line open, presently other than on foot you can use a Hy-railer. Train is blocked in front and back by washouts. The muddy river is normally 100 yards to the north or more but it actually crested the tracks the lead engine has debris on it;s wheels. East appraoch signals are in the water as are power to the signals. Even a number of grease boxes landed up in the drink.
It appears that they are trying to open the secondary dirt road to bring in heavy equipment. On top of the damage to UP tracks the area also house a working cattle ranch the cows didn't do well either, a number of dead ones scattered a long our foot route in the brush. Looking at the dried up bones as well it seems the trains have not been kind to them either.
for addditional pictures of the derailment other than this site try Brett's website the two of us hiked out together

J 01-24-2005 09:59 PM

January 24

Union Pacific today announced that it reopened its California "Coast Line" and Nevada's Caliente line, a rugged desert canyon line northeast of Las Vegas. Traffic on these lines will be limited for a short period as final work is completed. These two line segments are the last of five rail lines to reopen after severe damage by a record winter storm earlier this month.
On the "Coast Line," Union Pacific plans to phase in the resumption of Amtrak and Metrolink passenger service in the Oxnard-Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo area. Although the track is reopened to a limited number of freight trains, more maintenance work is required before the track can fully accommodate passenger train schedules. The work includes removal of mud from the track and replacement of ties, which has to be done during daylight hours when the passenger trains normally operate.
It is anticipated that commuter operations will start between Los Angeles and Oxnard as soon as this afternoon. Passenger train service between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles should be possible by Feb. 8. Full restoration of through passenger service between Los Angeles and Oakland is expected to be available by Feb. 28.
"We certainly want to thank our customers and the California commuters for their patience and understanding while our operations were impacted by this disaster," Union Pacific Chairman and CEO Dick Davidson said.
The Caliente line, in Nevada, will be limited to about 15 freight trains per day for approximately one week when the line will be open to its full capacity of 25-30 trains per day.
"We are still assessing the financial impact of the storm," Davidson said. "However, at this time our best estimate is that it could approach, or even exceed, $200 million in total. About $100 million of that would be the capital expenditure for the repairs. The remainder would hit operating income through lost revenue and higher costs. We do have insurance coverage, but there is a $50 million deductible and it will take some time to sort this all out with our insurance carriers, so these estimates don't yet include any insurance recovery."
Customers can receive additional information at http://www.uprr.com/newsinfo/west_coast/index.shtml
For further information contact John Bromley at (402) 544-3475.

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