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Traingod 04-11-2006 03:22 PM

Shots from this past Sunday (4/9)
I got out all day Sunday in north GA for one last good day before having to start studying and finishing projects for the end of the semester. Here's what I saw...

I started the morning out on NS and first caught a SB Powder River coal train heading to Plant Scherer near Macon, GA.


Next, we moved north and intercepted a NB mixed freight on Braswell Mountain with a pair of TFM SD70MAC's trailing the NS SD60 leading.


We then headed into Rockmart, GA at the north base of the mountain and found NS 174's lite power with a B32-8 and a couple C40-9W's. The B32 made for nice pictures.

After that, we decided to head over to CSX at Cartersville, GA where we caught a bunch of trains. First up was a NB container train with a pair of clean CSX ES44DC's at Kingston, GA (just north of Cartersville).


Back in Cartersville, we found a yard job switching cars with 4 4-axle GE's for power.


We saw some other NB's in Cartersville, but nothing was noteworthy about them.

Next, we move south to Emerson, GA and find a SB CSX auto-rack train with a BNSF leader.


We also catch CSX SB Q141 with juice empties with a pair of C40-8W's.

We then head over to the Etowah River Bridge for the shot of the day of a NB empty coal train.


We decide to head south and stop at Smyrna, GA to get another empty coal train with the "Spirit of Dante" leading.


Thanks for looking,

dodi4200 04-11-2006 04:46 PM

great shots patrick.its nice to stay the whole day with trains.i like the pix specially the pic of the empty coal train over the bridge.keep up the great work and waiting to see more nice work from you.

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