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mowingman 07-14-2016 07:59 PM

South Branch Valley Railroad- Short Visit
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The State-owned, South Branch Valley Railroad, in W.Va., is rarely talked about on the internet. It is in a rather isolated region, well off the main highways. The railroad operates mostly with first generation GP's and SD's.
Last week, my wife and I passed through Moorefield, W.Va. on our vacation trip. Moorefield happens to be the location of the SBVR shops. We stopped by, but being a Sunday, everything was closed down.
Two active engines were seen in front of the shops; GE centercab #80, and SD18(?) #182.
On the deadline next to the shop, I saw GP's #,6135, and #90, as well as SD's #180 and 181. All seem to be serving as parts supply units now. Behind the shop was GP #91, possibly still active.
Attached are a few photos from my cell phone.

ShortlinesUSA 07-18-2016 01:02 PM

Thank you SO much for posting this report and the photos! I can't tell you how many times I've been asked about the status of the SD9s and SD18 over the past few years, and I honestly didn't know. Now we do!

ShortlinesUSA 12-05-2017 02:14 PM

Nothing at all different noted passing through Moorefield yesterday with the stored units. A new arrival was on hand, GP38-3 (in GP35 carbody) 102. Nice looking unit, with the South Branch Valley lettering in white on the long hood, rather than the traditional yellow.

bigbassloyd 12-05-2017 03:35 PM

Always fun chasing chicken feed.

Loyd L.

ShortlinesUSA 12-07-2017 04:17 PM

I should add after reviewing a photo of SBVR 102, it is NOT a GP35 carbody. With some conversations elsewhere, we have determined it is ex CLNA 9657, which is former CSXT 9657/B&O 3806.

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