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dnsommer2013 05-17-2014 01:55 PM

Seeking advice re Bad Color Rejection
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Hello! I wonder if anyone might be able to advise me regarding this photo, rejected for bad color? I'm thinking it's too yellow? Thanks, David

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CSX1702 05-17-2014 06:59 PM

Actually too red. Dial that back and maybe give it a little bit of saturation.

dnsommer2013 05-20-2014 07:58 AM

Re: Bad Color and more!
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This photo was also rejected for bad color, as well as bad crop and sharpening - too soft. I'm starting to wonder if a monitor calibration might be in order. Also wondering if I want to shoot sRGB, or Adobe RGB, or something else? My monitor offers a few color choices, including different Kelvin temps. Everything should match, right?

Would you guys ever buy a used Colormunki from ebay? I have a pc and laptop. Other than those two devices I wouldn't expect to use the Colormunki again. At least for the way I understand its use.

Anyway, below are two attempts at correcting this photo. I took a lot of photos both RAW and jpeg. Maybe I should begin with the RAW copies? If this image cannot be salvaged I have plenty others I can try and learn with.

How do I make a duplicate image in Lightroom? I only know how to do so in Photoshop, so far!

Here are the photos. Thanks for your coaching and expertise in advance, to all those who reply!

Also, can I link this post to photos in my gallery here?

CSX1702 05-22-2014 03:33 AM

You came really close with those two. Maybe back off the red just a little bit more. And as a heads up, you might wanna rotate CCW just a tad.

As for the Lightroom and Photoshop stuff, I'm nowhere near knowledgeable enough in those to help so I'll let someone else chime in.

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