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IC 6071 11-24-2005 02:39 AM

?s on 2 rejects
Hi! I had 2 rejects of cab related photos that I took a while back, and posted today. On one of them, I can understand, but the other I don't understand.

Here is the one that I can understand, but was wondering if I should try to appeal. It was rejected for "Bad Motive" It is a close up of GTW 5847's numberboards.


This one I don't understand. They said that it was rejected for "Bad Cropping (Edges): There are visible scan edges, slide frames,
etc. in the uploaded image." I don't scan my photos. Could it be that I overshrpened it?

Thanks for any help!

busyEMT 11-24-2005 02:50 AM

Photo1: the composition doesn't seem right. The flash reflecting in the window also detracts from the photo. My guess: there is nothing special (besides to yourself for being your picture) that makes this RP.net acceptable.

Photo2: you obviously levelled it in a photo editor. The background is visible on the righthand side. Maybe worth a retry, but the control stand inside a locomotive is becoming common on this site.

cmherndon 11-24-2005 02:54 AM

The numberboard shot looks a tad on the soft side as well. You can try to appeal it, but I personally don't believe it will be accepted here. A lot of times, autofocus will do that to you in the dark. It's not a bad shot by any means, and certainly is fixable.

The second, there are some white edges on the right side, and on the bottom left corner. Since they're not even, I'm guessing they're from a crop after an image rotation. This should be an easy fix and I'd say you'd be good to go after that. Kind of interesting that CN has replaced the pneumatic horn valve with the new eletronic device.

IC 6071 11-24-2005 03:14 AM

Ok! Thanks for the help guys!! I will try the control stand again!

IC 6071 11-24-2005 02:21 PM

The pic of the GTW controll stand was rejected for "Bad Motive". I did appeal though saying that there are no pics of GTW cabs in the databse to my knowledge, and by saying there arent many night cab shots

busyEMT 11-24-2005 04:23 PM

Caleb brought up a good point. I am not knowledgable with details of a locomotive, so small differences can make the photo "good motive." But you may need to make a note of that in your comment.

I looked at the photo again. I think there is too much windshield/dead space. Next time try to get more of the stand and controls.

IC 6071 11-24-2005 04:30 PM

Ok! Thanks EMT! If this appeal gets rejected, then I will note that in my comments. Thanks guys

ddavies 11-25-2005 01:01 AM

In general, an on-camera flash should only be used when the entire subject is in a single plane from the photographer (same distance), when it is not, you get fall-off like this image where the sides are farther away, therefore darker.

To get away from this, have a light source a much farthur distance away from the subject, so the effect is not as noticable.

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