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Mat '64 03-27-2005 05:08 PM

some pictures from the Netherlands
Hello lads!

NSM 1312 "Zoetermeer" pulling NS Reizigers 1854 "geleen" + DDM Carriage + ICR benelux Carriage through Weesp on 26 Februari 2005:

ACTS Class 66 ER9 Pulling container Freight nearby Soest on 25 March 2005:

NS Reizigers Mat '64 Plan V; Trainset 461 (which will go out of Service and be scrapped on 18th of April this year!) is racing through Boskoop on 25 March 2005:

last one; ACTS class 1200 (1254) + ACTS Class6700 (6702) Pulling Cargo at Nieuwenkerk aan de Ijssel (not far from Goude and Rotterdam)


petertenthije 03-27-2005 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by Mat '64
Hello lads!

NSM 1312 "Zoetermeer" pulling NS Reizigers 1854 "geleen" + DDM Carriage + ICR benelux Carriage through Weesp on 26 Februari 2005:

Why this strange configuration?

p.s., misschien kun je "lowlands" veranderen in netherlands of holland want lowlands kent niemand.

Mat '64 03-27-2005 07:18 PM

Well, I wondered that day on Weesp, untill I saw this Funny Consist; After this I asked Daniel Vervoort (A friend of mine, who gives me the information of Special train rides (for example museum trains, special Cargo's.. etc.) who is also a Trainspotter) about this, and he told me that this was a "secret" Ride, this locomotive hasn't ride for over years! which means the Authority for Riding by itself will be Fallen.

Now, this Locomotive needs to be checked, in order to get the Authority again. The train had to be consisted only by 1312, but.. I geuss our friend the Train Engineer, wanted to have a little fun and took some available free Stuff from the line up Terrain (opstelterrein).

Hopefully you understand what I mean, because my English sucks like hell! :cry:


Mat '64 03-28-2005 09:26 AM

By the way guys,

I also liked to know how to Imrpove the quality of My Pictures, I'm still a big amateur in photographing.

Thanks in advance for the Hinst!


nsnscalerailfan 03-29-2005 12:05 AM

Some of them are pretty decent, however, the best advice I can give is go out on a sunny day!

Mat '64 03-29-2005 05:39 AM

he;; yeah :) . also make sure that the Sun is shining on your back, so that you know that your Picture has a nice light shinning upon it :).

I have some Examples:

NSR (= NS rezigers) Locomotive 1828 "apeldoorn" is pulling some kind of International train, through Diemen Zuid on 6 Februari 2005.

NSR Mat '64 2 Plan V standing on Diemen Zuid and is heading as "Stoptrein" to Utrecht Centraal Through Weesp and Hilversum on 6 Februari 2005.

Stichting Mat '54 Hondekop-vier Mat '54 "Hondekop" Trainset 766 is pulling NSM DE-1 "Blauwe Engel" Trainset 41 through Weesp onward to Amersfoort on 6 februari 2005.

Somethimes, pictures in the Dark are cool to! 8-) , Example:

Stichting Mat '54 Hondekop-vier Mat '54 "Hondekop" Trainset 766, coming from the Duivendrecht Viaduct, onward to Watergrafsmeer through Diemen, on 6 Februari 2005.

That's all... those are my "lesser" Pictures, if you have any comments; I'd like to hear them! :)


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