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onboardphoto 10-30-2003 02:58 AM

From the cab photos?
Hi all,

I have been thinking about posting some photos for a while now. I saw that the webmaster made this trip report section a few days ago and I guess this will be the right place to post them. Working for the railroad, I have been able to make some photos that I have been told are 'interesting' to the railfan community. As you can imagine, I work on them all the time, so they aren't that 'interesting' to me!!

So anyway, I just wanted to see if there was any interest here for such photos? There won't be too many of them, but one or two every now and then just to show what it looks like from an insiders' seat.

Thanks, and great site!


busyEMT 10-30-2003 03:08 AM

I noticed yours right away and always wait for the next batch.

I like them, mainly because your pics take me into the cab - someplace I obviously can't frequent - not at a crossing I can visit any time.

Your eye for photography, the scenery you capture, and quality of pics add up to pure enjoyment for me. Keep posting... that is my vote!

iCe 10-30-2003 03:43 AM

I like cab photos, too! Too bad I don't get a lot of chances of taking them.

My only one:

And I wasn't even really in the cab. (shot through glass :D

E.M. Bell 10-30-2003 04:38 AM

Glad to see ya posting again there OB....Looks like yall have had as much rain as we have here the last month.

Guilford350 10-30-2003 12:13 PM

I would be able to get some cab photos of some older units like RS-3's, FL-9's, and maybe even a U23B.

Dutch Steam 12-15-2003 05:13 PM

this is the cab view off one off the engines i drive,


Kind regards,

Ken Carr 12-15-2003 07:40 PM

Just keep the in cab photos coming, I really enjoy them as I'm sure the majority who check this site regular do too.....

iCe 12-15-2003 10:24 PM

Hey Bart,

Nice photo! And thanks for the comment !


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