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willig 09-24-2018 09:35 PM

Possible US trip
Hi Chaps.
I'm just musing at the moment, but I am considering travelling from the UK to the US in the spring for a flying visit. This would be my first time in the US.

Ever since I first became interested in railways as a child in the mid 1950s, I have been fascinated by the UP Big Boy locos. (They were still working in those days).
I suppose seeing one (and photographing it) is on my "Bucket list".

I am a steam fan and since it's relatively easy and inexpensive to fly from Manchester to NY, I am wondering about a few days where I would: Drive from EWR to Baltimore for the B&O museum; Then on to Strasburg for the Museum at Pennsylvania; Finally going to Scranton, to Steamtown to see the monster; Back to EWR for the flight home.

I have a few questions:
1. Does this sound feasible over 4 days?
2. Are these museums worth visiting?
3. What are the photo possibilities at these museums? (I would have a fisheye, a 16-35 and a 24-70 with me).
4. Is the area that the Baltimore museum is sited safe?
5. Would I be able to meet up with any of you guys during such a trip?

bigbassloyd 09-25-2018 12:59 AM

Sounds quite doable. I'd highly consider riding Amtrak south away from the NYC and grab a rental elsewhere. The traffic is terrible (aka much slower to drive), and the rentals will be cheaper down south. All 3 museums have pretty good collections and would be worth your time. The area around the B&O museum isn't bad during the daytime. Enjoy, and roll on before dark. Strasburg is an easy spend a day location, with the museum and the railroad. Scranton the same.

Loyd L.

Decapod401 09-25-2018 12:16 PM

I would consider looking into a direct flight from Manchester to Philadelphia instead of NYC, if the price is comparable. from PHL, you are about 90 minutes from the B&O museum, 90 minutes from Strasburg, and two hours from Scranton. Make sure that you leave the airport with some US cash, as there are tolls going to both Baltimore and Scranton, and I am not sure if they are geared to accept credit cards - haven't travelled either route in several years.

Mgoldman 09-26-2018 03:56 AM

Definitely doable!

I second flying into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A possibility - if you are up to max your sights, would be:

Day one:
Morning - Amtrak's Northeast Corridor midway to Baltimore for sights by the Susquehanna River Bridge - wanna get out of Philly to avoid traffic. Then on to the B&O Museum - morning shots are OK in the yard but not spectacular - focus instead on equipment in the museum. Head back to Havre de Grace /Perrryville for sunset shots and /or - head over towards Strasburg. Another option - if a weekend, head towards Wilmington, DE to catch the Wilmington and Western Railroad in the AM, and Strasburg in the PM.

Day two:
1/2 day at the W&W, half day at Strasburg - lots to see, not much time.
Full day at Strasburg Rail Road with a mid-day visit to the RR Museum of PA.
Head towards Scranton.

Day three:
Steamtown - 0-6-0 No. 26 runs and tour the museum and grounds.
Head back to Philly.

Other possibilities for a full day might include a visit to the New Hope and Ivyland (check schedule) in the AM, and a visit to the Black River and Western PM. Might even work a visit along Amtrak's NEC super AM or late PM.

From Baltimore - a ride to New Freedom, PA is an option, too - if you have any interest in seeing a "new" 4-4-0 in operation.

Don't forget the obligatory cheese steak in Philadelphia!

Keep us posted on the date(s) - maybe you'll find yourself a tour guide.


cprted 09-26-2018 11:19 PM

The other thing to consider is that UP is planning (hoping?) to have their Big Boy 4014 running for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike. While UP territory is a little farther west than you're planning to go ... the chance to see or even ride an operating Big Boy? I'm thinking about trekking down from Canada for that opportunity!


BUFFIE 01-07-2019 12:34 AM

If you happen to make it out west to Denver....
Let me know and I can guide you to some great spots for viewing and photographing trains along the Colorado Front Range.


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