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Chessie4033 11-07-2004 10:10 PM

Boy am I glad that I live in upstate New York. The only time (so far) that I have had the Police question me came about 15 seconds after snapping this picture.


I saw the Police car coming up Route 5 with its lights on, but seeing as how the fire trucks had just gone by a couple of minutes before, I didn't think anything of it. However, before this train even finished passing, the Police stopped, got out of the car and began questioning me. Apperantly, some concerned citizen call them believing I was going to jump from the bridge. When I told them I was simply taking pictures of the trains, the only thing they asked me was "Aren't you usually down by the Pizza Shop?" (at the Lock Street crossing).

Ween 11-08-2004 12:09 AM


He added that he had a wife and kids, evidently to make me feel guilty.
Boo hoo. If you're killed in the line of duty, that's part of the job. It's still voluntary to sign up for the police force, right? No one holds a gun to your head and makes you sign on the dotted line. Just like the armed forces, you volunteer.

If this guy is such a baby worrying about what might happen, maybe he should find a new line of work. Worrying is wasted energy, and it sounds like this cop needs to understand not to worry about that which he cannot control.

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