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J Douglas Moore 03-22-2012 06:28 PM

Question on the cut off times for pics
I have not been on much.... real world stuff, like work, family, etc.... I do have a couple questions on the "24 hr top shots" I noticed that the look count seems to be updated every 15 mins, but the top shot is only updated on the hour... Am I wrong or is that correct??

KevinM 03-22-2012 08:59 PM

Hi JD,

The pages that show you all of the Most Popular Images only update every few minutes...I've never timed them. I'm sure Chris K. can tell us the exact interval. Whatever it is, it is not that critical. If you click on any individual shot, you will get an up-to-the-second hit count on that shot.

The TO24 updates right on the hour. My observation is that shots that don't make it to the top 2 fall off the 24 Hr Most Popular List just as soon as the clock strikes the hour in which the shot was added the previous day. If your shot was accepted at 8:55 PM yesterday, it falls off the list at 8:00 PM sharp...meaning you really don't get 24 hrs if your shot is accepted just before the top of an hour.

On the other hand, my observation is that if your shot is in the top 2 at the end of its 24 hr run, it will get one hour on the home page (or an extra hour if it is already there), so in that case, you'll really get 25 hrs.

Again, just my observations.... :wink:

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