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Aaron 02-10-2006 11:11 PM

Thank you RailPictures.
I want to take a moment here and just express my appreciation for the team at Railpictures. Even though there are some people like to attack the editors and the two Chris (not to mention any recent threads in particular...) I dont understand why people get so upset? Why do you guys get so upset? In all reality this site belongs to Chris K, and he has the right to put whatever he wants and to decline whatever he wants. Sure, I have been pretty pissed off about a few rejections here and there, and still there is a couple that still puzzle me... That being said I dont think that I am going to come here are bitch about it like some people. Just a note to you guys, if you dont like the rejections and want to bitch and complain about Railpictures then please go take all your pictures off of the server and go elsewhere... I dont have respect for you. Railpictures has the intent of forming a community of Railfans who want to post their pictures and view others. The staff dont need the hassel of dealing with constant bickering in the forums about rejections. Myself, and I know if I dont mention it, an editor will... I have been known to upload the same picture twice in hopes of getting a different screener. But, I really dont mean to upset anyone... I just like to share my stuff.

I have three screen names with Railpictures for the reasons that I started one a long time ago and then me and my friend Tim wanted to do a screen name together (I dont know why) so now I have my own... Actually, speaking of that... Chris, is there anyway to transfer pictures from one account to another? Anyways, what my point of coming here and talking about was just to thank the RP team. Since I have been uploading on this I have had a couple pictures put into books, and one picture was used by Athern to help them make diagrams for a model! Without the large volume of people going through this site I dont think I would have had that exposure to get some of my work published! Thanks!

StL-rail 02-11-2006 12:25 AM

Duplicate post, my bad.

StL-rail 02-11-2006 12:26 AM

I'd like to express my thanks as well. I've been uploading to RP.net for two years now, like Aaron I have gotten pissed quite a few times, most of them though I look back and realize it was an unfounded anger. And for all of you who want to bad mouth, bitch, moan, whine, complain, ect. you might as well go jack-off in a corner somewhere, because it's not going to do anything. We only own the copyrights to our photos, not the site, we are subject to their criticism along with our own, if they don't want it, generally its not an "acceptable" photo. Here, we live by THEIR standards, not our own standards, just remember that the next time you get pissed at an unfixable rejection . . .

And again, thanks for a wonderful community where I can share my best photography, and have met many new friends.

Point Images 02-11-2006 02:50 AM

I suppose if someone gets really worked-up over rejections and the whims of screeners, then the message inherently tends to be - here's something worth getting worked-up over. Anyone who has sent a group of photos to a magazine and gets them all returned with a thank you - not interested, usually gets upset or worse and not a clue why their efforts fell short of inspirational. The feedback offered here often is helpful, not that I will ever understand at what degree an angle goes bad. Questioning one's motive is a bit much, but hey, at least you get an opinion, and better yet, you get to publically blast the idiot who failed to understand the sublime artistic message hidden in your image. I think this is a great deal!

Ween 02-11-2006 02:10 PM


you get to publically blast the idiot who failed to understand the sublime artistic message hidden in your image.
That 'idiot' may be the one footing the bills to keep this site going...probably not a wise comment...

Point Images 02-11-2006 03:23 PM

No-should have put "idiot" in quotes. Removing the sarcastic tone - I think the site offers a very good feedback system and blasting the editor and/or screeners because they have a different view is not particular productive or good, but at least its allowed. So, I do think this a good aspect of the site and more credit to those who created it.

quiksmith10 02-11-2006 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by Point Images
blasting the editor and/or screeners because they have a different view is not particular productive or good, but at least its allowed.

Allowed? You might want to rethink that one again.

LAHDPOP 02-11-2006 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by Point Images
...blasting the editor and/or screeners because they have a different view is not particular productive or good, but at least its allowed.

To clarify even further, it's not allowed, it's just tolerated by editors and admins who are more patient than I would be. When you have a rejected pic, you are not to blast anyone. You are encouraged, however, to ask others what might be done to make a picture better; either by re-working the shot, or by doing something differently next time you shoot it. Healthy discussion of how to make a picture more acceptable for this site is encouraged. Arguing about why in your opinion it should have been accepted is not.

Point Images 02-11-2006 09:16 PM

Hey guys -obviously what I wrote was misread by some of you and anything else written is going to to nit-picked. That some of the more outlandish responses are posted means to me they are "allowed" - perhaps more correctly stated as barely tolerated or at least "not censored." Should they be encouraged - of course not. I suppose the moderator can block all extremely critical messages - those that (in perhaps another poor word choice) tend to blast a screener or editor? I rather enjoyed the response from Chris to one of the more extreme e-mails I read. An informative response to an e-mail better not sent was useful information and perhaps effective discouragement for future messages like it.

Have a nice day.

VirginiaSouthern 02-11-2006 09:25 PM

Don't worry dude. I get what you are trying to say. I think people were focusing in on that once sentence and taking it out of context from the rest of your post. Happens that way sometimes.

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