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IC 6071 11-05-2005 03:25 PM

Bad Motive?
Hi! Ok, first they rejected it for horizon unlevel,so I worked on it some more, then they rejected it for horizone unlevel and bad angle,so I took it back and worked on it again, and then they rejected it for bad motive. How is it bad motive? And even if it is considered that, I wish they would have told me that the first time. Thanks


bnsf sammy 11-05-2005 03:40 PM

The Bad Motive you can appeal, asking why it is bad motive.

hoydie17 11-05-2005 03:43 PM


Keep in mind, the same screener may not have looked at this photo for each resubmission. As always submitting photos to this type of website is subject to the opinions of the screeners.

One screener may have felt the photo was fine if the tilting was leveled out, another looked at it and thought it was a terrible angle, and another looked at it and decided it was a bad motive. (Bad motive might have been because of the crewmembers standing on the nose.)

I'm not saying this is what happened, but it very well could. People often make the mistake of thinking the screeners all live in the same house and run a little mafia of like and dislike. The screeners are individuals as well and have their own opinions of what makes a good or bad photo.


Chris Wilson 11-05-2005 04:28 PM

I always enjoy seeing crew shots. I have a few in my collection as well. Thats a nice shot you took and hopefully an appeal works out. Lighting is good and the crew is wearing their safety equipment so they wont get hammered :)

busyEMT 11-05-2005 04:37 PM

Not sure about the bad motive. It would be best at this point to leave it alone. Multiple rejections for different reasons = no way will it be accepted. Good picture, I like it. Just don't plan on it being at RP.net.

busyEMT 11-06-2005 03:36 PM

There you go, submit a different shot


(nice photo id! 123456)

IC 6071 11-06-2005 04:03 PM

Thanks! Yeah that is pretty ironic!

busyEMT 11-06-2005 04:06 PM

You shoot digital right? It is good practice to set-up shots and plan, but often the best are from the "B" roll.

IC 6071 11-06-2005 04:18 PM

Yep! I do shoot digital. I'm glad because it would be much more of a hastel, but I would still be at it! :-)

NicTrain35 11-06-2005 04:43 PM

Nice shot, Adam. :)

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