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EMTRailfan 05-13-2009 09:27 PM

Photo back up help???
I tried to back up some of my photos onto DVDs. I've done this before without problems, but it is not working now. I put in a fresh, virgin blank DVD-R, and it says the disk is full in my properties before I even try adding anything. If I still try to move the pics over to the E: drive, I get an error saying that the disk in the drive is not a writable disk, or it is full. As I said, they are virgin DVDs.

I am running Windows XP, and using a DVD+/-R drive. I've tried adding the photos through Windows Explorer, and also my DVD recorder program named...Sonic Record Now!

I can play pretty good on a PC, but when it starts getting technical, I need help.

EMTRailfan 05-13-2009 10:10 PM


I just made a copy...er made a back up of a CD-R. It copied the files over to the new disk, but it seemed like my DVD+/- writer drive lost interest in the CD after the files were copied. I had to reboot to view the disk. I still can't back up my photos onto a DVD though. Is the drive "losing interest" a sign of it going bad, or a software glitch or virus?

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