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ShortlinesUSA 05-19-2017 06:20 PM

Good update, Joe. Sounds like things are going from busy to busier.

Joe the Photog 05-25-2017 04:26 AM

I remember us talking about whether they might send a few wide nose GP40s to the L&C when the G&O bought them out. Well, it took a few years, but we have our answer to that question --


This one replaces L&C 2273 which has been sent back to Knoxville and will eventually be sent to a new home in Texas. Reportedly there is another Yadkin Valley unit coming soon. There are no plans to repaint them blue

Joe the Photog 05-28-2017 12:29 AM

https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4201/3...8c4737e6_z.jpgL&C GP40-2LW #9548 by Joe Hinson, on Flickr

I will have to wait a few day before getting an RP-worthy shot of the now-L&C 9548. In the meantime, there is this. They discarded the G&O wings on each side of the cab, but them on the front and back of the logo. Also gone is the YVRR logo that was on the cab side and the YVRR-lettering. They applied the Springmaid logo to both sides of the cab as well as Lancaster & Chester RR. Lastly, the touched up the black paint on the cab where the CN red was coming through as well as repainting the numbers on this side of the long hood. The numbers on the other side have held up pretty well.

ShortlinesUSA 05-29-2017 05:55 PM

This view is most appreciated, Joe. Thanks for posting it here. Good to see the L&C/G&O took the effort to even do anything with this unit, as so many of the shortline holding companies would not have even re-lettered or retouched one square inch of this unit. A company whose name rhymes with OmniTrax comes to mind, for example... ;-p

Joe the Photog 05-31-2017 06:49 PM

I kinda like the opposing logos. I think I might be in the railfan minority on that though.

Joe the Photog 07-31-2019 09:41 PM

Might as well update on this post... the L&C got an 8 million dollar grant to upgrade their traffic from Chester down to Kershaw for heavier cars including the original bridge on their own line and to also buy three new locomotives. They seem to be awash in new to them power. They just got former YVRR #7092 which I believe is former BN SD40-2, same number. They also acquired four ex-CSX SD60s (maybe 60Ms, I can't remember right now) which were built for Conrail. I don't believe any of these ex-CSX motors have been put to work yet. (The Yadkin Valley also got a few which are working for them now.) The L&C SD60s are

ex-CSX 8770, 8778, 8782 and 9784

ShortlinesUSA 08-07-2019 02:46 AM

Good update, Joe. All of those ex-CSX units are SD60Ms.

Joe the Photog 11-24-2019 08:55 PM

Longtime L&C Railway president Steve Gedney passed away this past Friday at age 76 from complication due to cancer. Mr. Gedney is creditted with making the L&C what it is today in many ways. Consider this. When he came to the L&C in 1989, the Springmaid Line was a quaint little line still mostly beholden to their textile owner, Springs Mills. They had a roster which consisted of only three EMD SW900s and ran one trin a day M-F.

Gedney once told me the wheels of change were underway on the L&C when he got here, but he took the drivers seat in a lot of ways. The first big change to the L&C was getting Circle S Feed Mills to build on their line. They bought four SW1200s and two SW1500s and leased three more end cabs to handle traffic. I routinely shot five and six end cab lash ups and I know they ran eight of them on a train once that I missed.

Next came the acquisition of the former Southern Railway line that connected to the L&C at Lancaster. It was the first increase in route mileage for the L&C in their then 105 year history. Shortly thereafter, they began acquiring GP38 type locomotives.

Gedney stayed on at the L&C after the railroad was bought by the Gulf & Ohio in 2010. The link below from the Lancaster News details that a little more. He was creditted with helping the counties of Lancaster and Chester through his work at the L&C.


Joe the Photog 04-06-2020 07:30 PM

Latest motive power news is they got an SD40-2 from the Yadkin Valley, #7092, which is believed to be former BN, same number, sans dynamic brakes. It is painted black and still has the YVRR lettering and logo. This one is supposed to get L&C lettering soon. The number is on the cab and not the long hood which makes me wonder where the L&C lettering will be.

It has taken them some time to get the ex-Con SD60s operating and right now, I believe the 8782 is the only one running. It is still is CSX bue and gold, but they have patched over all CSX lettering. I have only seen pictures of it, not in person, and I don't believe it has any L&C lettering. I have heard all kinds of rumors about what paint these four might get. The story is different depending on who you talk to. I tell the folks who tell me to just send me a pic of it out of the paint booth.

When they came online, I said the cheap way to go would be to paint everything that is gold now white and leave everything else blue, put the lettering and Springmaid on the long hood and you could even put the G&O wings on the nose. But I'm just a railfan, LOL

They also have another slug, though I am not sure they have used it yet. It was painted black in Knoxville. I like the old style L&C logo

https://live.staticflickr.com/7891/4...3aa359240a.jpgLancaster & Chester RR #52 Jeremy Wright by Joe the Photog, on Flickr

L&C #52 was built in 1969 as Houston Belt & Terminal SW1500 #52. It was then sold to the Gulf & Ohio's Atlantic and Gulf Railroad as AGFL 52, then to Conecuh Valley Railroad (COEH 52). It must have sat around a long time as the last photograph I can find of it (so far) is from 2006 until Jeremy Wright shot this one last December.

JEREMY WRIGHT PHOTO, used with permission by me.

ShortlinesUSA 04-15-2020 10:53 PM

Your updates are always appreciated, Joe. I'm helping my mom out for awhile here in Charleston. If the stay at home orders will ever clear up before I have to return to Tennessee, I'd love to make a run up to the L&C. Things have changed a lot, even though I visited just a couple of years ago.

Joe the Photog 04-20-2020 01:19 AM

I hope you and your mom are OK, Mike. With some restrictions being lifted in South Carolina, you should be able to get out and get some photos hike you're in state. You should definitely hit up the Palmetto Railway

ShortlinesUSA 04-22-2020 01:22 PM

All's well, Joe. I think next week will be a good time to start easing back into some railfanning around here. Palmetto is a sharp scheme. I've hit it a few times on previous visits. There is still plenty left that I haven't shot, though.

Joe the Photog 06-18-2020 04:23 PM

So that 8 million dollar grant is being put to work. I never considered this when I heard about the grant, but they are upgrading th former Southern line to take six axle power. No new power that I am aware of, but I suspect most of the GPs are on borrowed time. Part of the upgrade is to pull up the crossing right at the office over Main Str. They are going to build a new track to get to te SB line from between the shops and office which will mean a lot of ground being filled. Interesting times oon the L&C

Oh, those ex-CSX SD6Ms? Going to be painted black from what I hear.

ShortlinesUSA 06-22-2020 01:41 AM

Very interesting news, Joe. I have an idea where you're talking about for that new connection, but what would building that accomplish? Any particular moves that would facilitate?

On a small scale, seems it would eliminate a timely run-around move, but that's something shortlines rarely sink big bucks into. But then again, more often than not there are thousands of ties to replace and bridges that need work on so many of these lines.

Joe the Photog 06-24-2020 12:41 AM

About the only thing I can think it would do is to get off the track a little earlier. Trains have to crawl past the office which brings traffic to a stop once it hits Main and then Market Street. people are always complaining about train traffic through there, but what else is new?

Joe the Photog 11-06-2020 03:28 PM

So I finally got around to loading the shots of the new track in Lancaster. Click on the link to read the caption at Flickr

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/...65218b91_c.jpgNew Track in Lancaster by Joe the Photog, on Flickr

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/...ab673390_c.jpgNew Track in Lancaster by Joe the Photog, on Flickr

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/...91eb9e00_c.jpgNew Track in Lancaster by Joe the Photog, on Flickr

Joe the Photog 11-11-2020 08:39 PM

Meanwhile, here are two of them 60Ms roaming around


ShortlinesUSA 11-13-2020 05:32 AM

Gonna be cool when those things get paint, whatever scheme it may be (probably G&O black). Thanks for continuing to document the changes on the L&C, Joe.

Joe the Photog 11-18-2020 07:35 PM

Some of this is second hand and some of it was told to me directly. I wouldn't use it in a story I was writing, but on an internet board, I think it's OK. Trackwork should begin after the new year that will allow six axles all the way to Kershaw. I'd expect run through power on unit trains to ADM. It will be odd to see NS power back in Lancaster, but odder still will be when/if CSX sends a train that way.

The thinking goes that the mother and slug set will work the Kershaw side with the 7092 while the 60Ms handle the Chester side. And oobviously a 60M might find it's way to Kershaw some. They'll need to keep a few of the GPs or the MP15 for the track NW oout of Lancaster to the spike plant and there is also one spur in Richburg that won't take more than four axles.

I hate that I don't live as close as I used to or else I could share more observations. Pat of me wonders if all thise work on the track might be to make the railroad more appealing to possible suitors. Mr. Claussen is not getting younger. All of this is speculation on my part, but I can't help but think a sale is probably somewhere down the line. If so, all this talk about paint schemes may become moot.

Joe the Photog 02-07-2021 02:28 AM

Black is the new blue. The first 60M is set to go into the paint booth soon and every word I have heard is that it will come out of the booth in G&O black.

ShortlinesUSA 02-11-2021 02:32 AM

Thanks for the info, Joe. I can't really say I'm at all surprised at the paint choice. It'll be neat to see, regardless of the scheme.

ShortlinesUSA 03-03-2021 03:01 PM

It's out-- LC 8784 in dress black. But it does have the L&C logo on the cab side, at least. Doesn't look bad, IMO. Granted, the L&C blue would have been quite nice looking, as well.

Joe the Photog 03-03-2021 09:13 PM

I am planning to go up tomorrow (might have to delay it) to shoot t. 8782 is currently in the paint booth. I know someone asked them for a compromise -- paint the loos black, but have the white stripes on the short hood with the lettering and Springmaid logo on the long hood. But they want all locomotives on the G&O to be able to switch between roads and still look the same. I do like the old style Springmaid logo with the different hues of blue instead on what the recent blue repaints got. And they do look better than the faded CSX paint.

Meanwhile, I am looking at a new story about a "large wine distributor" coming to the location of the old Springs warehouses in Fort Lawn. Still waiting to hear more including if it's going to use rail.

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