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Just Aaron 03-21-2010 09:30 PM

Well Im not sure what to do. I didn't process these any diferently than any other shot I had.

Any suggestions?





trainboysd40 03-21-2010 11:52 PM

They all look a bit...weird. What were your picture style settings, and what editing did you do?

Just Aaron 03-22-2010 10:52 AM

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by JUST AARON on Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:27 am

This is the best way I could explane it.

I wish I knew how to link the PS pages that I use but Ill do my best to explane.

First I open Adobe Bridge, On the main screen I adjust the exposure if I think its too light or dark. I tend to shoot a bit under exposed so I usually bump it up a bit.

I tend to jump down to Clarity and bump that Up quite a bit. Makes everything more crisp and sharp.

Then I Hit Vibrance and Saturation. I look at the photo as I am adjusting them and play with it till I think it looks good but not over board. Again, I do tend to go a bit heavy because when loaded to RP they seam to go a bit flat as JT and I have both noticed.

Then I ll put some contrast into it. As Needed to make it feel like it has some demention to it.

If I feel there are Bright Highlights that are hurting my eyes Ill jump to the next screan and take the Highlight band down a but, Just to get rid of any real sharp lights that may be poping out at you. Again, I only do that if I feet the photo will benifit from it.

Then I open the file to PS. Sharpen it. Rotate it. Crop it. Save it, Resize it, Sharpen it, Save it and Im done.

Just Aaron 03-22-2010 10:59 AM

These got hit again. I layed off the Vibrance and Saturation.

Maybe take the color out of them a bit?



Joe the Photog 03-22-2010 11:45 AM

Try laying off the clarity and the vibrance and see what that gets you with these shots. In the past, I found both seemed to "fake" up some of my shots in Abobe PSE 7.

troy12n 03-22-2010 09:15 PM

Noisy sky in 1,2 and 4, likely from oversharpening or using too high of an ISO.

The red looks awful in #1, the blue on the side of the CSX unit in #4 looks odd, and it is underexposed.

Just Aaron 03-23-2010 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by troy12n (Post 111629)
Noisy sky in 1,2 and 4, likely from oversharpening or using too high of an ISO.

The red looks awful in #1, the blue on the side of the CSX unit in #4 looks odd, and it is underexposed.

I think you are correct. I over sharpened. Ive got to work this CSX in #4.

TAMR159 03-23-2010 05:46 PM

Contrast is way too high, plain and simple. Cranking up the clarity can have affect contrast as well...I only put mine to +10 (+5 on both vibrance and saturation, then I use a Digital Velvia action set). But as I said, try laying off the contrast and clarity a bit...if it doesn't look right still, you could use the Levels tool (bring up the left hand slider 5 to 10 or so), as this will make the darks darker without increasing overall contrast, making for a much more aesthetically pleasing ("realistic") photo. Your monitor could also be out of whack (as in poor contrast), so what looks fine on your screen looks horrible on a calibrated monitor...

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