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Jonathan Guy 09-30-2004 07:55 AM

Canon 20D has Arrived!
I've had my 20D for about 2 weeks. I really like this camera. Its a noticeable improvement over the 10D. I'm not saying that I no longer care for the 10D, its still a good camera in its own right and I'll keep mine as a second body/backup.

Faster-more accurate AF, ability to use the speed of the CompactFlash card more efficiently, etc. The body is just a tiny bit smaller than the 10D, not sure I'd want to see a DSLR get any smaller. The joystick controller on the back is easy to use, but it will take a 10D user a little getting used to using the joystick to navigate through an image being reviewed and not use the big wheel next to the LCD.

The flash pops up higher than the 10D's and should be a little more useful if its needed. Let's face facts here, if a photographer knows a flash will be required then most will bring a real flash. The 20D's pop-up should do in a pinch tho.

Internet ramblings addressed:

Yes, the shutter is louder and more distinctive than the 10D. Reminds me of my old AE-1Program. I like the sound, very similar to a film shutter.

The body has a better feel when using the BG-E2 grip and a large lens. Well, yes it does. Then again so does my 10D and the Elan-7e I've used. The grip also gives the ability to use 2 batteries instead of just the one in the body alone. An 'AA' battery pack is also included with the grip as an emergency power source...you supply the 'AA' batteries when the time comes. The 20D ships with a new BP-511A battery, higher capacity than the original BP-511. Canon claims this new battery should be good for about 1,000 shots in the 20D....I guess that's 2,000 using a 2nd battery in the grip. That should be more than sufficient considering I don't have enough CF cards to hold 1,000 photos at the same time.

My 20D came with a new style battery charger, no cord. Just flip the prongs down from the back and plug it up. Reminds me of the Motorola charger I have for my cell phone.

Enough rambling, on to a sample of photos with the 20D. Basically tweaked only very slightly for brightness, sharpened and resized for RP.net

First Photo:
20D - 100-400mm IS lens. CSX Wauhatchie Yard, taken from the public street with NS, CSX and HLCX units all lined up.

Second Photo:
20D - 16-35mm lens. Nickajack Lake, Ladds Mtn, TN BNSF-Sherer coal train at track speed.

A couple taken this past weekend at the Decatur, AL Hootenanny
CEFX 3122 Bluebird and a red CPR SD40-2

CSX Widcab GE's in early morning sun

9 units on the head-end of an NS train through Decatur

Chris Starnes 09-30-2004 06:42 PM

Thanks for the review JG. I think for now I'll be sticking with the D60 but I can see a 20D in my future (waaaay down there, though)


dsktc 10-01-2004 01:39 AM

Congrats on the camera, Jonathan.

Photo 78841 is excellent.


Jonathan Guy 10-06-2004 07:36 AM

10D vs 20D grips
One difference that I failed to mention is the grips. I've noticed some threads on the Internet about the BG-E2's (20D) lack of grip material on the battery door. While true, the entire surface of the BG-E2 seems better than the slick surface of the BG-ED3 (10D).

Robert28 10-06-2004 04:43 PM

Hey Jonathan,

Congrats on the 20D. One quick question. Are the shots shown pretty much as shot by the camera or did you have to edit any(other than size)? I ask just to see if the 20d is shooting that sharp. Potential consummer question :wink: . The pics look great.


Jonathan Guy 10-10-2004 09:46 AM


The only thing I did to the photos was resize to 800x600 and then sharpened the resized photo. That's it.

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