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lakshman 07-04-2019 04:59 AM

Are DSLR's dying a slow death
With the increase in presence of mirrorless tech which is getting better by the day, will we see a day when getting to a buy a quality DSLR from canon nikon and others will be difficult and costly ..i just hope the DSLR survives for many more decades...

Thoughts on this please

KevinM 07-04-2019 01:17 PM

A slow death perhaps, but definitely not a quick one. :)

I own both types of cameras. I have Nikon D750, D850 and D4 DSLRs, and I recently purchased the new, mirrorless Z6. While I have very limited experience with the Z6, I can already see that it has some major advantages....and some serious drawbacks.

The good:

-The camera is lighter and smaller than any of my DSLRs.

-Build quality is excellent. The Z-series is very solid.

-Burst rate (12 fps) is better than my D4!

-DX0mark rating for high ISO performance is better than my D4!

-The 24-70mm f/4 S "kit" lens is a damn decent piece of glass.

-AF frame coverage is better than any DSLR I know of.

-Body stabilization provides "VR" for even unstabilized lenses and is very effective.

-The FTZ adapter works as advertised with all of my Nikkor "G" lenses.

-I can "chimp" photos at 100% with the EVF, so I no longer need an eye loupe.

-The EVF shows me the JPEG exposure I am going to get before I shoot it.

-The EVF also has optional horizon and histogram displays in the frame.

Now, the not-so-good:

-There is a small, but noticeable lag between reality and the EVF display. If you think you're going to single-finger the "moment", forget it.

-When you take the shot, there is a brief interruption in the EVF display. Not good for action, IMHO.

-This camera is not "instant-on" like a DSLR. You won't win any "quick draw" contests with a Z camera. If you think there's a shot coming, you need to leave the camera on.

-The native "S" lens has 24-70 mm focal lengths and a stowed position, which is very compact. But you have to twist the zoom ring to get it off the stowed position in order to shoot. Again, no "quick draw" from the stowed position.

-EVFs eat batteries. Especially if you like to "chimp" in between shots like I do. Better bring extra batteries.

-AF is pretty good, and the newest firmware has "Eye AF", which is great for portrait shooting. But AF is not as snappy as the D4. Not yet anyway. Good enough for trains in most situations, however. Haven't shot anything high speed yet.

As for the slow death prediction, the Nikon Rumors website is saying that the D7500, D750, D850 and D5 will be replaced with new DSLRs at some point. The rest of Nikon's DSLR line, including the low-end D3500, D5500 and enthusiast D500 "sports camera" will be replaced with mirrorless. So yeah, the mirrorless cameras are coming on fast, but they don't have the flexibility or features to handle some types of photography, just yet. At least in my humble opinion. ;)

I will probably be taking the Z6 wherever I go from now on. It's an easy carry and makes great images.

cprted 07-04-2019 09:24 PM

I wouldn’t say a slow death, but a slow fade. Mirrorless is unquestionably the camera tech of the future. I think it is just a matter of time before DSLRs recede completely to the back burner. Just this week Nikon announced a number of the current DSLRs will be phased out (though others will be getting updates in the near future).

I don’t think they’ll ever go away completely. In time, DSLR will likely live along side our film SLRs. Personally I own 3 35mm SLRs and shoot with them semi-regularly.

RobJor 07-04-2019 10:56 PM

items not mentioned for Z-6, 1 card slot, I don't care but for some a problem.
Built in image stabilization, something I would like since I often use primes without VR.
Great for video again a plus for only some.

I was all excited when I read about it but now not so much. I just have not read anything on any Nikons so compelling in actual use to move me away from D-750. Hats off to Kevin but don't really want to deal with different bodies and operational specifics.

On the noise issue I have not read enough where the practical difference for any camera beyond the D750 are enough for my uses to change. Z-6 vs 750 size weight after you attach g lens, just not so much.


Disclaimer: I am on the downside right now for shooting and posting too


KevinM 07-05-2019 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by RobJor (Post 195579)
items not mentioned for Z-6, 1 card slot, I don't care but for some a problem.
Built in image stabilization, something I would like since I often use primes without VR.
Great for video again a plus for only some.


Thanks for the reminder, Bob! Yes, the body stabilization is very effective. Honest truth....that's what sold me on the camera. This camera is perfect for one of Pete Lerro's impromptu night portrait sessions. As you say, even an unstabilized prime becomes a "VR" lens with this camera. I will probably use it for all of my night shots as well.

The single card slot thing does not bother me. Unlike some other folks, I have never had a card failure, and the XQD cards are supposed to be the most reliable ones yet. Stick a 64 GB card in that camera, and I can shoot for a very long time.

WRT your D750, I think the one advantage you'd see is a virtual doubling of the burst rate. The 750 is like 6.5 fps. This is 12. If you don't burst much, it doesn't matter. Diesel shooters tend not to care. Steam engine shooters like rods-down, and that's difficult to do single-fingering the shots.

RobJor 07-05-2019 03:17 AM

On the D750 if I run on continuous I will run slow continuous since the buffer is small but on slow continuous I believe??? the card is fast enough to keep up but on fast continuous I am afraid I will have write lag. The z-6 also has a small buffer but the newer faster card may overcome that if the camera can write fast enough and I think the single card plays into that also.

Single slot - I guess if there were a card failure I would be sad but?

Event guys etc even tho they are using two or more bodies, if there was failure it would be a big deal.

Built in stabilization? Nikon resisted it but can only guess the others have it and assume lens for the Z cameras will not have it. Is a pretty big deal.


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