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mojo628 11-04-2003 09:46 PM

Memory Cards

Are memory cards like film in the respect to different brands bringing different qualities to the cards? Is Fujifilm better than Lexar or any other brand etc.? Or does it really matter in the digital world and a Big Print card from Wolf will work just as good?


iCe 11-04-2003 09:55 PM

I think lower quality memory cards will take longer to save files. At least that's what I heard.

petertenthije 11-04-2003 11:12 PM

For some of the brands it does take longer to write down the photo. With regard of the quality of the photo (sharpness etc) there should be no difference.

The respected brands offer longer warranty, that's is one of the main advantages I can think of. In fact, I've been told that Lexar makes cards for Sony! At the same time they (Lexar) also bring out their own brand to compete with... you guessed it, Sony!

Guilford350 11-05-2003 12:20 AM

Right now in my camera I have a Lexar CompactFlash 64MB card and it seems to work very well. Its a 4X card meaning that in can store data on it at 600KB/s (1X = 150KB/s). Higher speed memory is rated at 12X (1.8MB/s), 16X (2.4MB/s), 32X (4.8MB/s), and 40X (6.0MB/s).

Storage capacities can be anywhere from 32MB all the way to 4GB! But keep in mind that the higher capacity you go, the more expensive it gets. I'd recommed to go with at least a 64MB card. With that you can store (depending what camera, settings, etc..) around 60-90 images.

I like Lexar and Sony the best. I know from Lexar you get a 5-year limited warranty with the 4X cards and with 12X and up cards you get a lifetime limited warranty.

Curtis Wininger 11-05-2003 02:29 AM

Unless the data isn't making it from either the camera to the card or from the card to the computer like it's supposed to, image quality won't have anything to do with the card you choose. If there is something wrong like that, your card probably won't work at all. Supposing the data was being harmed during transfer, the loss of data wouldn't make the picture blurry. The card would probably just stop working, or, at best, you have a picture that you wouldn't be a ble to recognize.

I have a 256 meg and will buy a second shortly. The size you need depends on the camera and image quality/size you shoot. Check your pictures on your computer once you download them from your camera to see how big they are. Divide the amount of storage in the card you want (in MB) by the average size of a single picture (in MB) and that's how many images that card will hold.

... hope this helps.

British Rail 11-09-2003 04:08 AM

I have a Canon Digital and use Compac Flash Cards from Lexar / Kodak /
Memorex & Comp U.S.A. They all give the same quality results, BUT there
are differences in price as well as performance. After moving my pictures to
the hard drive I format the cards and the Kodak 32MB card tells me I
can take 98 pictures and when I remove that one and format my 32 MB
Memorex card it tells me I can take 96 pictures - :shock: go figure.
For the difference in price I continue to buy the "store brand" and have
been very happy :D And prices continue to fall - so shop around.

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