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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
My dad used to amaze people with his knowledge of towns. People would come to our house and mention some podunk nowhere town that they were from or that they had to go through to get somewhere else, and sure enough, my dad would not only know the town but have a story about when he had been through there himself.

Only now that I think about it do I realize he probably knew all of those backwoods crap-holes because he was railfanning there.
I do that all the time to people. They mention that they are going/went to some part of a state and I'll ask "what town?" More than likely, I'll have heard of the town or one nearby, which usually causes strange looks. I attribute it to railfan trips and my love of maps.

- Chris
/Needs to get back to some of those backwoods crap-holes soon.
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