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PS: hope we are not heading for a wasteful and foolish Canon/Nikon debate. DPReview is the best place for that.
I agreed with your sentiments when I read indecline's post, but there's a problem with DP Review as well. At best they'll only tell you "Highly Recommended" so as not to insult any of the manufacturers. They've got to remain politically nuetral if they want all those pre-production samples to keep coming in for testing. God forbid they ever insult one of the Photographic Big Boys.

Yes, it's true that Canon stubbed it's toe badly with the original 1D Mk II which allowed Nikon to take a significant bite out of Canon's market share, but those issues are now history. Currently, it's about as even-up as it's been in years and that's a good thing for us all.
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