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I can't do anything about the photos and not sure what to suggest, but regardless, thank you for posting the great report. That 2076 is one of the former AKMD GP35s rebuilt into a GP38-3 by the Jones Mill shop forces. It was surmised the whole fleet may get that treatment, but the other GP35s seemed to just get an "Imron overhaul" and continue life in orange.

The AKMD has one more substantial customer which is likely the lifeblood of the line-- the rock quarry in Butterfield. AKMD crews take UP-powered rock trains into and out of this significant facility. I have also seen AKMD power used for switching rock hoppers around the storage tracks just east of the quarry.

There is also the large sawmill right at the junction in Malvern, and could be another customer or two there, as well. The line has some decent traffic, but as you note, it's pretty much all within the first few miles of the line these days.
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