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Originally Posted by asis80 View Post
I'll cautiously help out here. They all look a little orange, the sun might have been working against you here, haha. It's great light I know, but you're going to have to change the hue of that sun light. Just looks too orange to me.
WHAT?! I agree it is oversaturated but "too orange" is not the right way to phrase it. Why would you EVER change the hue of sweet light. It's not called that for any old reason. I do agree that it may SOMETIMES work against you but only with specific paint schemes.
Also, keep in mind, this site doesn't care too much about how great a consist is etc etc. They care about a great photograph of that great consist etc etc. That's opinion.

Good save. "This site" has 5 screeners that have different tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. I do not know how much knowledge the other 4 guys have but I know a lot about rarity and great consists since I focus my attention on photographing things of that nature; last in a paint scheme, special engines, etc. I would much rather see a nicely composed shot that showcases the consist rather than a typical wedge or an angle that doesn't necessarily work but I also know sometime you have to deal with where you are or what you are given. I think "great consists" get a little more leeway in some cases such as cloudy days and there have been a number brought into the forums to argue why one person's shot is on and another isn't so I disagree with your opinion of how the "site" (5 different screeners) feel about it.

Congrats. Nice to see one got on.
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