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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Those old tri-light signals aren't necessarily "C&O." SAL (Seaboard Air Line) and Clinchfield also used tri-lights for years. I think ACL preferred single element searchlights, same as corporate sibling L&N.
The so called "C&O" signals are just US&S tri-lights, the same kind used in mass installations by SAL, UP, SCL, Clinchfield, UP, MP and a bunch of other railroads. Their Cantilevers were almost unique, but similar ones were used by Southern.

ACL, and their "subsidiaries" (dare I say it) L&N, Georgia RR used almost exclusively searchlights up till they started converting from Double Track to CTC in the mid 60's, at that point, some of these tri-lights began showing up, and after the merger that created SCL, almost without exception, signal replacements were tri-lights, not searchlights.
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